Ebooks of The Day

Our first RG2E

Ebooks of The Day

will be announced on February 1st!

And yep, we said Ebook(s) plural!

We’ll be showcasing great Ebooks in all your favorite genres each and every day…so you’ll be able to find just the kind of Ebook you’re looking for 365 days per year!

And for all you superfab Indie Epub Authors, that means we’ll have thousands of sponsorships available each year versus just 365 per year!!!

***RG2E Submission Requirements are now posted. Each sponsorship will be just $25 for the Ebooks of The Day Features. Also, we’ll have a plethora of Free Features as well – including one-of-a-kind Author Spotlights, Live Chats, Giveaway Opportunities and an E-Newsletter like you’ve never seen! If you’d like to participate in those too, please join our WG2E Street Team http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WG2EStreetTeam/


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