Eread Non-Fiction

Whether it be humorous essays or how-to’s and lifestyle Ereads, here are some superfab Non-Fiction Ebooks for your Ereaders:

Author: Jerdone

On Smashwords

Price: $2.99

Word Count: 18,930

Human beings have hurled flat stones across the top of the water since the beginning of time. This book is a complete guide to stone skipping, written by a long-time Guinness record-holder for most skips (38). Photos, illustrations and narrative explain Jerdone’s unique upright form and what type of stones to choose. This book will help improve your skipping and enhance your enjoyment.

About the Author:

Small town Texas country boy. Large town high school graduate (Houston). Left Texas for college and the military. Ended up traveling around Europe. I really liked the Costa Brava in Spain and a little fishing village there. It was relaxing and absolutely beautiful.

I went no further, met a French girl, married her and we had a son which has now led to a grandson, both born in Austin, Texas.

There are no sand beaches in this little Spanish bay there as the terrain is volcanic, so the beaches are full of wonderful flat slate stones. I continued the childhood practice and pastime of skipping the wonderful flat slate stones there which eventually led to becoming the Guinness record-holder in this ancient activity.

As they say, ‘if I can do it, you can do it’. This book presents everything you will need to know to improve your skipping performance, enhance your pleasure and become, if you choose, the world’s greatest and have FUN doing it. Hope you enjoy!

Connect with Jerdone:


Author: Meredith Bond

On Amazon , B&N Nook , Smashwords

Price: $4.98

Word Count: 25,000

Have a great idea for a novel, but don’t know where to start? Have you started your novel, but got bogged down after only the first few pages and don’t know how to go on? Then this book is for you!
Chapter One is a beginning writing course. You can do it the super-easy way by reading the “Basics” and getting right to work, or get a little more in-depth by reading the “Details”. You take this writing course your way. Plenty of worksheets and checklists at the end of each chapter make getting started writing your novel a breeze.

Part of Series: No

About the Author:

Meredith Bond is the award-winning author of four Regency romance novels. She has been teaching creative writing for five years, enjoying every single class and student she has had. She has recently published a Regency-set paranormal romance entitled Magic In The Storm.

Connect with Meredith:



Twitter: @merryb 



Wattpad: www.wattpadcom/merryb

Author: Rhonda Plumhoff 

On Amazon , B&N Nook 

Price: $2.99

Word Count: 32 recipes

Talk about one superfab sweet treat to share with ya today at The RG2E…who needs just one box of chocolate from Cupid when you could Ebook Gift an entire cookbook full of chocolate recipes, based on a few of this chef’s fave book characters?!

This Cookbook is just a hoot and then some!

Here’s the scoop…straight from the book’s author Rhonda Plumhoff:

I’ve combined both my passions in life into one book. 32 new chocolate recipes created for some of my favorite book characters. Everything from a Martini for H.P. Mallory’s character, Knightley Vander, to Enchilada’s for Gemma Halliday’s character, Jack Ramirez. These are fun new ways to use chocolate in some of your favorite recipes.

When most people are sleeping, dreaming of tropical locations or having nightmares Rhonda dreams of food. Waking up to jot down ideas for the next time she gets into her kitchen. A genuine foodie at heart, who loves to cook for her family and friends whenever she gets the chance. She finally decided that all the recipes that have been floating around in her head or jotted down in notebooks needed to be pulled together and become a cookbook that she could share with others.

***Note from D. D. Scott:

Rhonda featured recipes for my Bootscootin’ Books‘ Roxy and Zayne as well as for my Cozy Cash Mystery Hero Roman Bellesconi!!!

You’ll get the following waaay wonderful recipes:

Roxy’s Whoop It Up Whoopie Pies

Zayne’s Bootscootin’ Rum Balls

Prince Bellesconi Biscotti

Connect with Rhonda:



9 thoughts on “Eread Non-Fiction

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  2. Hi DD, and Rhonda
    I wanted to thank you both for your kind gift of Literary Chocolate.
    The recipes look wonderful and I have all ready planned a menu
    to include several.

    I noticed in the book details, you credit a photographer.
    Are there supposed to be photos throughout the book?
    Cover photograph is gorgeous!

    Perhaps I experienced a bad download, as there are large amounts of
    Blank space and the formatting is off. Appears that photo/s is missing.

    Cover – two pages of blank space.
    “Cover Recipes” begins at the bottom of the page
    and continues to the top of the next page.
    This continues throughout the book.

    Just wanted to make you aware,
    in the event this is not an isolated incident.

    Again many thanks.

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