Stories Behind The Stories

Here at The RG2E, it’s all about the Best in Ereading as well as treatin’ all you superfab readers to tons of great scoop about your fave authors as well as introducing you to a bunch of new authors too!

One of the questions authors get asked the most is:

Where do you get your story ideas?

So we’re going to get you answers to that question from some of today’s hottest new Indie Epub Authors!

Here we go…here are a few of our fave “Stories Behind The Stories”:

Me and my muses are totally gaga over all-things Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City fame and all-things Bootscootin’ and James Bond too!  That’s why in my Bootscootin’ and Cozy Cash Mysteries, you’ll find they’re a wee bit Sex and The City meets Urban Cowboy and now Bond, James Bond too!  — D. D. Scott, Bootscootin’ and Cozy Cash Mystery Boxed Set

“The plot of ENTANGLEMENTS, in which the heroine accidentally opens a vortex to an evil alternate dimension, sprang from the quantum mechanics theory of entanglements. Scientists discovered the phenomenon, dubbed “spooky action at a distance” by Einstein, in which a particle could be tweaked miles away from another and still cause the second particle to react even though there was no discernable connection between them. They theorized that the two were connected in an alternate dimension or universe. I began to wonder what would happen if people or beings were entangled in alternate universes? From this, Kizzy and her vortex were born.” — P.R. Mason

For THE DEVIL’S DIME, I was actually researching another book when I stumbled across descriptions of New York City in the 1890’s. The contrasts were shocking, with horrible conditions in the tenements playing out against the posh excesses of the Park Avenue town houses. The pages were rife with shocking descriptions of corruption and greed which kept one element impoverished so the other element could live in the fashion they desired. When my research led me to this statement, “Those who prosper by thievery, thuggery, or by ruining another, have chosen to live on the devil’s dime”, I knew I had the makings of my story. I just didn’t know it would turn into a trilogy! — Bailey Bristol

What if a man finally finds the woman he craves, only to have her become the target of a stalker who’ll stop at nothing—even murder—to have him? — Kristine Cayne, Deadly Obsession

I (finally) quit trying to be Cormac McCarthy and began writing what I liked to read: fast-paced, fun novels. The idea for my first novel, Storm Surge, came about when two ideas collided and I began asking myself “what if” questions. The cozy mystery and creative characters evolved from there. — Tamara Ward, Storm Surge

My editor returned Lost In Italy to me with the words, “Great job, but the brother and sister ‘accidentally’ leaving the heroine behind seems a bit unrealistic and contrived for the benefit of your plot.” My reply? “I’m Halli…minus the movie star and the kidnapping.” (and the murder) Yes, to me, being left behind on the side of the road in Italy is (and was)very realistic.  Especially since it took my siblings ten minutes to even realize I wasn’t in the car with them. — Stacey Joy Netzel

I was visiting Dunstanburgh Castle in North East England, an atmospheric ruin on the coast, and I thought, If these walls could talk. . . 
And the idea for my novella, When Walls Can Talk popped into my head. I wrote the story in 3 days. It was definitely an inspiring visit! (I can send a photo of the castle if you would like visuals) — Cate Dean

For The Good Daughter, a Mafia romantic suspense book, this is going to sound funny. A soccer game sparked the idea. One of my favorite soccer players missed a goal in an overtime match which sent his team home in defeat. I was so depressed a writer friend suggested I write a book about it, but add that the Mafia made him do it. I took the idea, created a powerful Mafia family and a book was born! — Diana Layne


12 thoughts on “Stories Behind The Stories

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  2. I love Stacey’s story! I got left behind at the airport when my family and I arrived in Kolkata, India for my wedding (yes, they left the bride behind!). My husband will never, ever live it down.

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  4. Hello,
    Just wanted to let you know I read the Bootscootin’ and Cozy Cash Mysteries Box Set and thoroughly enjoyed every story.
    I told my sisters (3) and Mother about the books, they all purchased the series as well.
    We decided to form a book club of sorts and discuss the books.
    This resulted in lots of giggles, a pitcher of margaritas and all around FUN!
    We all loved the books, and feel like the characters are family.
    We will continue to recommend them to friends and family.
    I am having withdrawal. I have my calendar marked, and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Carats and Coconuts.

    We are currently reading the High Heel Mysteries (1-5) by Gemma Halliday.

    Looking to your website for additional inspiration and reading material.

    • Awe-shucks, Barbara!

      You and your sisters and your mom just made my day!!!

      Giggles and a pitcher of margaritas sounds like the perfect Bootscootin’ bash!!!

      Carats & Coconuts will be here sometime the next two weeks!!! I can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s a hint: Grams is totally out of control this time…think Maxine…yep, as in Hallmark’s Maxine cards and comic strips!!!

      I’m also a huge Gemma Halliday High Heels fan…you’re gonna luuuvvv those too!!!

      Happy Ereading!!!

  5. I would love to read Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne on my kindle.
    The Good Daughter by Diana Layne sounds really good too. It is so hard to choose, can I ask to have you surprise me on what you can send.

    I love finding new authors to read!

    D. D., I have to tell you that I already have your boxed set. I read Bootscootin Blahnik’s and loved it so I bought the set. Then I lent my sister the book and she bought the set too.
    Thank you so much for starting this for all of us readers!

  6. Lost in Italy, seems like a great story. That is so funny that the editor thought it was unrealistic. Love to read that one.

    I’m really enjoying your website, thanks for sharing the stories today!

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