RG2E Featured Author Barbara Silkstone on Chatting with her Granddaughter about “Grandma’s Book on Men”

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If you want to start out the weekend full of laughs, here’s one of my fave ways to do it…chat with my friend and fellow author Barbara Silkstone…and treat yourself to one of her Ebooks that’s FREE today only!!!


You know you’ve passed a certain point in life, when your granddaughter asks to interview you for a school project, and the subject of the interview must be someone who has led an interesting life – that phrase alone can make you feel ancient.

I curled up in the bean bag chair in Ashley’s room. She was perched on her bed with a notebook on her lap and a pencil in her hand. My grandmotherly censors were alert to any answer that might get me in trouble with MOM.

Ashley is an avid reader, and so this interview would feature my writing adventures. “Where did you grow up and what were some of your earliest memories?” she asked me. A pretty sophisticated question from a ten-year old reporter.  🙂

“I was born in New Jersey where you are issued a peculiar sense of humor at birth.” I quipped.  “Some of my earliest memories were translating the UNTOUCHABLES radio show from English to Polish for my grandmother who wouldn’t own a television but adored her old Philco radio. She loved to listen, but did not speak English. I even translated the punches, gunshots, and groans.”

My granddaughter enjoyed the image of my translating old picture-less action sagas. She jotted her reporter notes at a rapid pace and then cleared her throat. “Who were your earliest influences and why?” I feel as if I’m being interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR.

I wondered if Ashley would recognize either of my childhood icons. “Lucille Ball and the Road Runner,” I answered.

She looked at me, trying to determine whether I was serious or teasing.  “Yes, really, Sweetie. I thank them both for my can-do attitude. I developed a belief that no matter how tough things were, if you kept your sense of humor you would get to dance the final rumba with Ricky or if the anvil fell on your noggin, you would recover.”

Ashley chuckled. I was surprised my little Pulitzer-winner-to-be got the humor, but she did.

Encouraged by her laughter, I kept on talking.  “Most of my fourth year was spent in our hall closet attempting to turn into a black panther. I was unsuccessful. Devastated, when a kindergarten classmate told me that the panther plan would not work, I ran away from home. Upon my return, I set about a new career as a professional majorette.”

“Wait. Wait!” Ashley laughed as she slipped off the bed.

Grandchildren make the greatest audiences, whether they are reporters or just looking for one more childhood tale from the olden days. And what grandparent can resist letting their progeny know about the innocent pranks they pulled in the times when practical jokes were not in violation of someone’s civil rights and a good laugh might be the only consequence?

I sat forward in the bean bag and crossed my jeaned legs. “One of my fondest memories took place in kindergarten.” Ashley’s eyes glisten with excitement. She stops writing.

“I would sneak down to the older girls locker room, while they were in outdoor gym class. I would scramble their shoes and then triple-tie the laces of the miss-matched shoes. I would then return to my class with a sense of a trick-well-played, savoring the panic I imagined took place when the bell rang. I did this repeatedly throughout my first school year and went undetected.”

The idea of such an outrage being pulled off without discovery was amazing to a child raised with surveillance cameras as an everyday fixture. The pure joy of working a prank undetected was butterfly-freedom! She laughed and laughed.

“I credit my can-do attitude to the success of that early escapade,” I tell her. “I figured as long as I didn’t hurt anybody, it was okay to make people laugh. I imagined they all got some fun memories out of that adventure.”

Ashley scoots onto the floor and sits facing me. “Do you have a really funny memory you can share with my readers?” She asks in a professional tone.

“One of my funniest memories was in the seventh grade; when I published an unauthorized class newspaper. Our nun was very strict and would not have given her approval if I had asked, so I didn’t. I wrote and published – underground. My devoted girlfriends diligently hand copied my original newsletter and circulated the copies. We didn’t have copy machines in those days.” Ashley looked at me, surprised. I felt my covered wagon circling.

“My newsletter contained an advice column based on Dear Abby, school news, and a cartoon. THE ST. STAN’S NEWS survived six issues, at which time Sister Irma discovered my newspaper and sat on it. She literally sat on it in all her black robed splendor. I was forced to stand at her desk and beg for my news to be returned to me.”

Ashley gasped at the thought of facing down a real live nun. She had seen them in old movies, and could only imagine the power they possessed.

“I detected a slight smile as Sister Irma whacked me with her ruler. That was my first review and it wasn’t that painful. Not like three stars or less.”

“What was the first book you published?”

I was waiting for her to sneak in that question.“You know I am not allowed to tell you about that book until you are twenty-one.”

“But, I’m a reporter. Besides, Mom says I can know about your book when I am sixteen,” she said, importantly.

“But your Dad says, twenty-one, and you are still ten.”

“Just tell me what it’s about? For my readers.”

“It’s all about men and love and honor.”

“Yuck. Mushy stuff.” Ashley said. “Never mind. Thank you for this interview, Babci.”

I hug the reporter and she hugs me back. Someday, perhaps my story will be part of her portfolio. Perhaps.

Meantime, you can download my “forbidden” book (It’s FREE on Amazon today only!!!):

The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men and One Woman

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With love and laughter,

Barbara Silkstone

About Barbara:

Barbara Silkstone is the best-selling author of Criminally Funny Fables series that currently includes: The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters; Wendy and the Lost Boys; Zo White and the Seven Morphs; Cold Case Morphs; and London Broil.

For further giggles and a touch of true fiction try: The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men and One Woman.

Silkstone’s writing has been described as “perfectly paced and pitched – shades of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen – without seeming remotely derivative. Fast moving action that shoots from the hip with bullet-proof characterization.”

Barbara Silkstone loves to hear from her readers.

You can write to her at: barbara_silkstone@yahoo.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/barbsilkstone

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Barbara-Silkstone

Blog:  Barbara Silkstone   http://bit.ly/M2Cs7Q

Barbara Silkstone’s Amazon Author’s page



I just luuuvvv your stories and anecdotes, Barb! Thanks sooo much for sharing and for the FREE Ebook too! U LMAO Rock, my friend!!! 🙂

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RG2E Featured Author Barbara Silkstone says “Real Life Bloopers Make for Great Comedy!”

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Here’s the superfab LOL Bestselling Author Barbara Silkstone on turning Real Life Bloopers into Great Comedy…

If I just stand still for five minutes… wham! … something worth writing about will happen to me. I’ve crash-landed a hot air balloon, accidentally sky dived, been elected president of the Japan American Society (I’m not Japanese), been stalked by crazies, and ran off with a real life White Rabbit. The rabbit is my only regret.

The Japan America Society was founded in 1910 to honor distinguished leaders of both countries and to build economic, cultural, governmental and personal relationships between the people of Japan and America. It was my love for the culture and the language that put me in the right place at the right time. I was elected president of the Society in 1997. Never one to look away from a challenge, I took up the position with great enthusiasm.

My first official function as president was to host a dinner for an ambassador from Japan and the Japanese Consul General. Already a student of the language, I diligently practiced my first public speech. All eyes would be on me, the first female president. My supporters had taken a risk in backing me for the position. They were counting on my performance. I could not let them down.

The event was to take place in an upscale Japanese restaurant with acres of banquet rooms. Our room was the type designed with a sunken floor where guests settle into  seats  built below floor level. You have to shimmy down into a hole to get to your seat.

I wore a conservative suit with a pencil straight skirt. Chronically early, I arrived twenty-minutes ahead of time.  The hostess walked me into the private dining area. I left my shoes at the door as is the tradition, and slid down into the sunken seats tucking my legs demurely under the banquet table. As I slipped into position my skirt rose up my leg.  I tugged at the hem to adjust the skirt, catching my bracelet on my panty hose at mid-thigh.  I struggled to free the gold links from the tougher than steel fibers of my run-resistant hose, sweating as I further entangled the jewelry higher up on my thigh.  I had succeeded in affixing my right wrist to my right leg just a few inches short of obscene. The bracelet’s clasp stubbornly refused to release as I clawed at it with my left hand.

As the true horror of my situation sunk into my newly-presidential brain, ceremonial drums thundered announcing the arrival of the guest of honor and his entourage and all the guests who had gathered out in the lobby. I could stay seated and be rude, which would be unforgivable, or I could and did clamber out of the low seat, further tangling myself with myself.  Unable to stand up straight with my wrist pinned to the upper part of my leg, I hobbled to the red carpet area… bent over, skirt jacked up to a distressing level, right wrist slammed against my thigh.

The looks I received from the dignitaries, especially those who had sponsored me for the position of president will stay lodged in my memory forever. The ambassador bowed to meet my “bow.”  When I looked up at him, I zigged when I should have zagged and my bracelet got caught up even higher.

I excused myself and to the sounds of those wonderful Japanese drums marking my steps… I limped to the ladies room to remove my panty hose.

The next day we performed a ribbon cutting ceremony at one of the Disney resorts. Everyone was extremely polite and actually made eye contact with me. Toward the very end of the evening as I sat with the Japanese ambassador, he gestured toward my red hair. “I Love Lucy,” he said.  There are some things that transcend language barriers and can be shared by all cultures. Slapstick is one of them.

Now… How I used this klutz-up in The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters. Alice is forced to represent herself in court. She is clueless but determined.

On Amazon

B&N Nook



“What are they writing?” said Alice.

“Why they’re putting down their own names, in case they forget them before the trial is over.”

9:00 a.m.  A bell rang and Leslie moved to his seat. The bailiff called the Court to order and the judge entered. We all stood.

The judge was female, about fifty-five, with a stubby body. She wore a long white wig like the judge in Alice in Wonderland. Bum luck pulling a lady-judge. I’ve learned that women are usually less compassionate with other women. She wasn’t going to be sympathetic to my flights of fancy. The worst part was she was probably in Leslie’s pocket.

As I slipped into position at our table my straight skirt rose up my legs. I tugged at the hem catching my bracelet on my pantyhose at mid-thigh. I struggled to free the gold links from the tougher than steel fibers of my run-resistant hose. My every movement succeeded in tangling me with myself. My right wrist felt permanently attached to my right thigh eight inches short of being obscene.

As the true horror of my situation sank into my brain, I watched the lawyers take turns going up to the podium to announce their names and whom they represented. Dallas Little was attorney for Leslie Archer. Glick waddled up to the stand, “George Blackstone Glick for the plaintiff, Algernon Green” he said in a big, booming voice.

“And for the Defense?” the judge asked.

I was sweating. I couldn’t stay in my seat. You had to walk up and announce yourself. I edged out of the chair bent over, hobbling, wrist on thigh, and skirt way up where it shouldn’t have been. I tried to act as professional as I could under the circumstances. I flashed the judge a self-deprecating smile.

“Alice Harte. I am here today in my own defense, Your Honor. I am pro se.” I couldn’t reach the microphone on the podium, so I spoke as loudly as I could considering my face was on my stomach.

The courtroom was silent; you could have heard a lawyer drop.

The judge looked flabbergasted. “Are you mocking me?” she snapped.

“Your Honor I have a problem. May I go behind the bench?”

“The correct terminology is ‘May I approach the bench?’”

I hunched forward, pigeon stepping toward her. There were twitters of laughter in the courtroom. The judge banged her gavel. “Silence. Ms. Harte if you are attempting to make a mockery of this court, I will not take it lightly. Now straighten up.”

The judge’s bench was a good three feet taller than my head. I waddled as close as I could and mouthed the words ‘Panty hose are stuck.’ She didn’t get it.

I figured if I could get behind the judicial platform I could take off my panty hose and roll them up with the bracelet and be done with it. The bailiff was one step behind me as I slipped around the bench and under the judge’s chair. I guessed he’d never seen anyone act that way in court before because he stood there dumbstruck and then broke into gales of laughter. The spectators joined him. The noise was so loud the judge’s gavel-banging couldn’t be heard. It was twenty minutes before they all got quiet and I felt secure enough to walk out from under the judge’s chair. I did so with all the dignity I could muster. I pretended I was Joan of Arc going to the stake.

“We will recess while the court regains its composure. Ms. Harte, I trust this is not a sign of things to come. I will not tolerate tomfoolery.”

I sat down next to Ron. “Ricky…”

“Welcome back, Lucy.”

The judge trounced back into her chambers with Dallas Little at her heels.

I turned to face a courtroom of laughing faces. The joke was on me. So far things were not going as smoothly as I had hoped.


Connect with Barbara here:


Bravo, Barbara!!!  What a hoot! You know how much I luuuvvv your books! I’m tellin’ ya, RG2E Peeps, Barbara writes some of the most LMAO books available! Truly one of my all-time faves!!!

She’s not only giving away 10 Ebook Gift Copies of THE SECRET DIARY OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND, AGE 42 AND THREE-QUARTERS, she’s also treating one lucky winner to a T-shirt with the original cover’s Thugs Bunny!!! Let us know below if you’d like to win!!!

Thanks Bunches, Barbara!!! U rock, my friend!!! 🙂

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RG2E Featured Author Barbara Silkstone talks “Morphs? Who, What and Why?”

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Today, we have a guest post from Bestselling Author Barbara Silkstone, creator of Zo White and the Seven Morphs.

Barbara Silkstone is the best-selling author of The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters  ~  Wendy and the Lost Boys  ~  London Broil ~ Zo White and the Seven Morphs ~ The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men and One Woman.

Her criminally funny fables are ripped from the headlines… shaken, not stirred, and served with a twist and a chuckle.

“I enjoy doing playful things with language, blending two distinct words to create a new word. If I’m laughing out loud when I’m writing, then I know I’ve hit the mark. I laugh so loud while I’m writing that the neighbors think I’m having wild parties. I’m not. I live in South Florida where I survive on buttered popcorn and fried chicken… extra crispy.”

Silkstone’s Wendy and the Lost Boys topped the charts in comedy, climbing over Tina Fey, Sophie Kinsella and Ellen DeGeneres. The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters has been a consistent best seller in comedy. Both Wendy and Alice have been in the top 20 Amazon comedies at the same time.

Now… here’s Barbara~

Taking a beloved fairy tale and bringing it into modern times is a challenge. Everyone knows the original plot line. The villain is no secret. And in all probability there are tons of remakes of the tale. So how do I get from known to unknown to Happily Ever After and surprise my readers?

I knew from when I first conceived the story that Snow White would become Zo White, a Cirque-du-Soleil type aerialist. But the seven dwarfs? I spent two days pacing, mumbling, and rhyming. Surprisingly few words rhyme with dwarfs.

And then like Harry Potter’s white owl, the idea flew in on fantasy wings. Morphs! I raced to my computer and hit Google search to see if anyone was using the name. It was then I discovered this wild new international community of folks who are having a joyous time partying in colorful Morphsuits. I was stunned. US, UK, Germany, France, Italy! Morphs were taking over.

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Gregor Lawson, is one of the founding partners of Morphsuits. I contacted him. He was intrigued with the idea of Zo White and the Seven Morphs. Gregor shared Morphsuit artwork with my awesome graphic designer, Katerina Vamvasaki. I soon had a killer cover for both the ebook and paperback.

But how to balance a heroine and seven heroes in a plot that also included the Miami mob that couldn’t shoot straight, a python hunter, the redheaded Singing Lucys, and a corpse here and there? Each of the Seven Morphs had a different color and personality. It was like coordinating a spilled box of crayons. What color went where? And what shade should beat up what thug? It brought new meaning to the concept of colors clashing.

I hope you enjoy the humor, mystery, antics, and action in Zo White as much as Alice, Wendy, and the rest of my books. If you do, and can squeeze it into your life, please take the time to post a review. It would mean so much to Zo. She’s tough but has a soft heart.

My future plans include a second Morph adventure with new colors, and new characters. Also, a third book in the Wendy Darlin series. This time my reluctant Tomb Raider finds herself in Egypt, armed only with snark, and accompanied by her main squeeze, archaeologist Roger Jolley.

It’s not always easy… ripping from the headlines, riffing on a fairytale, and rooting for the red herrings. 🙂 Join me in my journey. You may get more than a few chuckles. My books are available on Kindle and Nook (between $1.99 and $2.99).

Thank you!

May the Morphs be with you! 🙂

Barbara Silkstone

Amazon Author’s page: http://www.amazon.com/Barbara-Silkstone/e/B0047L8A8W

Morphsuits on FaceBook:  http://www.facebook.com/Morphsuits

Connect with Barbara here:


Thanks sooo much, Barbara! I can tell y’all that Barb is one of my all-time fave authors! She totally cracks me up!!!  And I luuuvvv her Fractured Fairy Tales!!!

Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of ZO WHITE AND THE SEVEN MORPHS?! Let us know below, and you just might win one from Barbara!!!

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RG2E’s EOTD is Barbara Silkstone’s Brand New Fractured Fairy Tale Zo White and The Seven Morphs

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I’m sooo excited about today’s RG2E EOTD!!!

It’s the latest release from one of my fave Bestselling Authors…Barbara Silkstone!!!

On Amazon and B&N Nook

Price: $3.99

“Wickedly funny! A great fashion statement!”

“I give this book five out of five eagle feathers, although masked heroes are a stretch.” Tonto

“A hopping good novel that proves it isn’t easy being Green.”
K. Frogg

Who is Zo White? Who are the Morphs?
Will they live happily ever after?

Best-selling author Barbara Silkstone delights with another madcap riff on a classic.

Zo White, aerial dancer and star performer in the Grimm Brothers’ Cirque is stalked by an unknown assassin. The Seven Morphs acrobatic team tumble to her rescue while preparing to leave on a covert mission. What secrets are hidden by their bright colored spandex body suits and will Zo find love with Green Morph?

Throw in outrageous plot twists, a magic mirror, 400 baby turtles, a giant python, Miami mobsters, and a few murders on the side, and it all adds up to a zany whodunit that keeps you laughing and guessing till the end.

Book three in the Fractured Fairy Tales by Silkstone series.

Note: Books One and Two in this fabulous series are: The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters and Wendy and The Lost Boys


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Today’s EOTD is The WG2E’s Spring Hop Anthology…You’ll Never Again Think of Spring in Quite the Same Way!!!

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Today’s EOTD is a brand new twist on Spring…as in…You’ll Never Again Think of Spring in Quite the Same Way…thanks to the…

Authors: D. D. Scott , Barbara Silkstone, Kristine Cayne, Tracy Sumner & Jayne Ormerod

On Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: 99 Cents

Word Count: 40,000

In this third edition of The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, you’re treated to a terrific, one-of-a-kind approach to the anthology concept.

You’ll get a variety of genres and story-lengths all packaged together as a wonderful way to discover some of today’s hottest new authors!

Plus, each WG2E Anthology is based on a different theme.

In this WG2E Spring Hop Edition, you’re getting stories that yes, have a Spring element, but definitely not in the average way.

You’ll never think of Spring in quite the same way. For example:

• “What about Spring for the Italian Mob? Is it just another season of killing?” for D. D. Scott’s VESUVIUS

• “Spring Fling in South Beach means major trouble for Zo White in this fractured fairytale” for Barbara Silkstone’s MIRROR, MIRROR

• “And should this heroine, nicknamed Spring Roll, save her friend…or should her friend even be saved?” for Jayne Ormerod’s WHEN WE WERE MIDDLE-AGED AND FOOLISH

• “Can sweet serendipity and a Spring festival in South Carolina get this couple back on the steamy side of the tracks?” for Tracy Sumner’s TRUE FATE

• “On this particular St. Patty’s Day, an ex-cop, once bribed by the mob, must now beat them at their own game in order to earn back the life and love he’d lost” for Kristine Cayne’s GUNS ‘N’ TULIPS
Happy Reading and Welcome to our WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies!


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Young Adult (YA Fantasy)

Mystery (Humorous)

Let’s dive right into today’s EOTD…

Young Adult (YA Fantasy):

Author: Cate Dean

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

Word Count: 22,000

A missing prince. A haunted castle. A dangerous man bent on ruling the kingdom – whatever the cost.

When Rosamond and her friend Dan head out on her birthday to explore an abandoned and haunted castle, they expect to find only a ghost or two. Instead they discover the missing prince, and stumble into the middle of a violent, desperate bid for the throne.

In order to save the injured Prince Jaren, and themselves, Rosamond must reach beyond her own violent past to find her courage, and Dan must find the way to his true self.

Their only help is a children’s story come to life: an ancient sorcerer whose soul has been trapped in the walls of the castle for centuries.

Can they keep the prince alive long enough to bring him home safe?

Can they defeat the man who would be king?

Humorous Mystery:

Author: Barbara Silkstone

On Amazon and B& N Nook  

Price: 99 Cents

Word Count: Full-length Novel

Alice Harte’s life is falling apart. Her boss at the real estate firm where she works is a litigious and murderous man with ties to “The Mob” in Florida. She KNOWS he has literally beheaded someone in the past.

Her whole life she has dreamed of living in England and meeting a man similar to John Cleese. In an attempt to start breaking away from her boss who is threatening her with a lawsuit, she flies to England to meet Nigel Channing, who has been charming her through e-mails and phone calls.

As her life in Miami falls apart, with mobsters and a pending fraud lawsuit, her romantic savior in England looks more and more tarnished by the hour. And then she stumbles across a beheaded mob boss. How will she ever keep her head and win the lawsuit? And what about love?


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