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Today, we’ve got a fabulous love story from one of my fave peeps…Felipe Adan Lerma! Wavin’ atchya, Adan!!!

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First in series. Β Over 37,000 words.

Second in series, “Rosetta” is scheduled for availability around mid to late August this year.A romance and an artist’s story, how could it not be a love story?We all love a story that shows how a loving pair, meeting obstacles in life, overcome that challenge, and resolve to love each other. But what happens during the “lived happily ever after” part? What are the details, what might the process be, achieving and living that post-crisis life?

This arc, from boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl, morphs, in this first of three books, in the trilogy Triptych, into that fuller story of life, and love.


Note from The Author:

This is the first of three planned novellas centered around Arturo the artist and his wife Rosetta. That is of course, the simple layout. Complexities of relationships, living many years, and addressing meaning in life, are the more complex issues.

My own working preference, and manner of doing best it seems, is to concentrate a point of view from one character, with input from other surrounding important characters. So I do better, as a writer, creating three novellas, than trying to mesh together stories about the artist Arturo, his wife Rosetta, and all the children and grandchildren and the main characters’ childhoods involved.

Thus, the three books imagined are, “The Old American Artist, a Love Story,” “Rosetta,” and “The Children.”

Though the differing books’ stories are not entirely concurrent, they overlap, producing, I believe, some interesting effects.

Also, in terms of scenic technique and narrative, the form I follow here is less linear, and more cinematic.

In the first book, and it appears in the second and third books as well, two timelines are used.

One is set all in one part of a day, Arturo’s movement from the morning of his big anticipated art show that evening to that event.

This timeline is interspersed in scenes with the second time frame, which begins over thirty years earlier, and provides an interacting backstory to the events of that one day.

Almost all issues are resolved by the end of this first book, with hints of issues that are picked up and elaborated in the second book, “Rosetta.”

I chose to call this a “love story” rather than a romance, even though, as per the Romance Writers of America, this book qualifies as a story about “a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying and optimistic ending.”

The reason for that is because of the equally important story of being an artist, which makes this book a cross genre offering.

Romance and art. It had to be a love story. πŸ˜‰

Adan Lerma
July 01, 2012

About Adan:

I have been writing and creating pictures since high school in the sixties, and began writing more seriously in the late 70s and early 80s.

One of my more recent surprises has been to read a definition of Romance that seems to generally fit the majority of both my poetry and fiction: a central story involving the relationship of two people, and a generally optimistic and satisfying ending.

With that revelation, I now view Romance fiction in a whole new light. πŸ™‚

I’ve also created a small ebook, “2 Shorts, a Poem, & a Sampler (fiction)” with samples dating from 1981, and a four chapter sample of the new romance novella, “The Old American Artist, a Love Story.”

The new longer fiction work compliments my continuing poetry about family, relationships, and of course love. πŸ™‚

Born and raised in Texas, and now a young senior living in Vermont, his wife Sheila’s home state, Adan brings a gentle infusion of yoga and fitness to bear on life long interests in writing, painting, dance, photography, and the arts in general.

Determined to learn about the ideas of Western Culture that have informed our civilization, Adan put himself through college with the help of his GI Bill benefits. More recently, he has added certifications in fitness and yoga.

His self stated mission on his website, reads, “a Beginner’s View : Integrating Yoga Fitness and the Arts.”

M.A. Humanities, University of Houston Clear Lake

M.A. English Lit,Γ‚ University of Houston Clear Lake

B.A. Theatre Arts, University of Houston Clear Lake

AFAA – Group Fitness Certification

CPR/AED – American Heart Association

Zumba – Zumba & Zumba Gold Licensed

SilverSneakers – MSROM (Muscular Strength & Range of Motion); Cardio Circuit; Yoga Stretch – Stress Reduction

Yoga 200 Hr CYT – Lex Gillan, The Yoga Institute


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