RG2E Featured Author Julie Day on “How Teens’ Tragic Accidents Inspired Her YA Fantasy Series”

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Give a warm, RG2E Welcome to First-Timer Julie Day (from The UK), who’s sharing with us how tragic accidents have inspired her to create her YA Fantasy Series and perhaps prevent such accidents in the future.

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My teen/YA fantasy series ‘The Guardian Angels’ was inspired by articles I’ve read in newspapers or incidents I’ve seen where teenagers risk their lives doing dangerous stunts, and in some cases have died. I had the idea for a series of teenagers who died from doing this but had a chance to go back to Earth to prevent other teens from suffering the same fate.

Although my first story, ‘The Railway Angel,’ which is FREE on Amazon, was from my imagination, Books 2 and 3 aren’t.


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Book 2 ‘The Racing Angel’ came from an article I read about a teenage girl who died after her friend stole her mother’s car.

THE RACING ANGEL - 200 x 300

When a car race goes terribly wrong and seventeen–year-old Danny Usborne crashes into a wall, he dies and becomes a lost angel.  He’s then sent back to Earth to prevent another teenager from doing a foolish act and ending up like him.  With persuasion and newly-found powers of transportation, Danny passes his test and becomes a trainee guardian angel.

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Book 3 ‘The Railracing Angels’ has a scene which was inspired by something I saw myself. One day I got off the bus from shopping and I heard laughter. Walking up the road, I turned round and saw 4-5 teenage boys holding onto the back of the bus, wearing roller skates. My first thought was, ‘How stupid can you get? Do you want to kill yourselves?’ I wrote the scene in the book as two teenage boys wanting to join a gang and one of them has to stick himself to a back of tram with suckers, the other has to race him in a car. They have to change over before a tram comes the other way.


Danny and Lizzie are now ready for their pair test.  They have to stop two teenage boys from being killed by trams when one of them sticks to it with suckers wearing roller skates while the other races with it. With persuasion and transportation skills, Lizzie and Danny pass, but not before they face a new enemy who wants them to fail and get the teens killed. Back at the school, owner Jerry tells them that he thinks it is something called a ‘Black Angel’ that is trying to get the school to fail and they now need be on alert.

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Book 4 in the series, which has yet to be named, will probably be about a teenager who died after jumping from balcony to balcony. Something that I read about last year, that has become a craze. I’d welcome any suggestions for a title for that one.


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Thanks bunches for sharing with us today, Julie! I love that through your books you’re reaching out to teens to help prevent these types of accidents.

And thanks bunches for the FREE Ebook!!!

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