The Whys and Hows of Writing Ebook Reviews, Featuring RG2E Author Marina Maddix

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Please give a big ol’ RG2E Welcome to First-Time Featured Author, Marina Maddix, who’s sharing wonderful tips on Writing Ebook Reviews!

Take it away, Marina…

Let’s face it, writing reviews for the books we read can be downright daunting. Some of us are voracious readers, so keeping up with all the reviews we’re supposed to leave is overwhelming. Others of us have very busy lives, so on our list of priorities, leaving a review falls somewhere between changing the baking soda box in the fridge and cleaning mildew off the cellar walls. Some readers may even be worried about putting their own writing — even in the form of a book review — out there for the world to see.

By posting a positive review to Amazon, you’re leaving a permanent mark of approval for those who might want to read the book after you. It’s called social proof. Reviews also tell us writers when you want to read more about certain characters. I didn’t expect my steamy erotic-romance short story Knight Fall to get much of a response but readers seemed to connect with my heroine, Kelly. A handful left reviews, but many emailed me asking for more of Rick and Kelly’s story. If I’d relied solely on my few reviews, I might not have written the sequel, Vegas Knights, which I released on March 1. (Did you know you can create any pen name you want for your profile, so none of your family and friends will know which books you review?)

If you love a book or a series or a character or an author, you may very well be doing yourself a disservice by not leaving a review letting others, including the author, know you want more. The more good reviews a book has almost always translates into more sales for the author. Increased sales means s/he can write more, which means you can read more. Win-win!

Look at it this way: If there is a tiny specialty grocery store in your hometown that you would hate to see go out of business, you make an effort to shop there occasionally and tell others about it to show your support. Leaving reviews for your favorite authors works the same way.

Now to the nitty gritty. You hate leaving reviews, don’t have the time or don’t know what to say. The key is to speak the truth. If you loved a book, tell us why. Don’t give out spoilers but a few tidbits help us understand if we might like the same things. And they don’t have to be long, detailed book reports, either. Here’s an easy template to start you off that fulfills Amazon’s 20-word requirement but won’t take up much of your time — replace the ALL CAP words (and examples) with your own words:

“I really enjoyed BOOK TITLE because the story made me feel EMOTION (happy, sad, conflicted, reminiscent of my childhood, etc). I especially liked SOMETHING (a character, the storyline, a plot twist, etc — just don’t leave a spoiler!). I think anyone who enjoys GENRE (sci fi, erotic romance, WWII history) books, would enjoy this one.”

If you have a specific criticism of the book, go ahead and include it, such as: “I didn’t care much for SOMETHING (the writing style, a certain character, the ending), but overall I enjoyed the story.”

So what if you hated a book? Personally, I do my best to live by the ‘If you can’t say anything nice…’ rule Mom taught me. But if you feel compelled to leave a negative review, ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Were my expectations realistic? For example, you picked up a freebie months ago and just started reading it. You thought it was chick lit for whatever reason but you’re disappointed to learn it is actually a biography of Otto von Bismarck. As fascinating as the book may be, it’s not what you wanted to read, and you’re irritated. Before leaving an outraged review, pop over to the book’s Amazon page to see if the description and categories accurately depict the content. If so, leaving a negative review because you got mixed up doesn’t help anyone.
  • Was the book poorly written or did I just not like the decisions the characters made? I received a review in which the reader complimented the book up and down but gave me one star because she didn’t agree with a decision a character made at the end. I can understand her feelings but she claimed to enjoy everything else about the book, so did it really deserve one star? There are five stars to choose from — two, three and four stars are perfectly acceptable alternatives. Pick the one that best fits your *overall* feeling about the book.
  • Am I angry/upset/offended by the subject matter? If that’s the case, I would suggest not reading any more books in that genre as it’s just not for you. Leaving a negative review for the Bible because you’re an atheist is downright rude. The same holds true for paranormal erotica, unauthorized biographies or history texts. It’s a great big world out there, full of diversity. If you find yourself hating every book in a particular genre, try a different one.
  • Which brings us to the biggest question: Did I actually read this book? If you didn’t read the book, but rather are just assuming it’s bad because you believe the subject matter to be morally wrong or you think it’s a rip-off of your favorite author or you’re ethically opposed to mining for purple diamonds on Jupiter, please don’t leave a review. Not only is it against Amazon’s Terms of Service, but it’s downright deceitful. Instead, read a book you think you’ll enjoy and use the template above to write a glowing review!

Vegas Knights DESCRIPTION:


After a passionate public encounter with a mysterious and very sexy biker, big girl Kelly Saunders finds herself on the ride of her life. Her ‘Knight on shining armor’ — Rick Knight, heir to a motorcycle legacy — whisks her away from her soul-sucking corporate job to Las Vegas, where she finds the road to love is treacherous.

As urgent business matters demand more and more of Rick’s attention, Kelly is left to wonder about the future of their relationship. A ruthless betrayal throws her life into turmoil, and a devastating discovery threatens to pull them apart. Is their love just so much Vegas glitter or is it strong enough to survive beyond the dazzling lights of Sin City?

Special $2.99 price until March 10!





They sat entwined under the stars, swaying slightly with the rhythm of their own bodies. Rick’s hands moved slowly from her hair down her back. Shivers of anticipation rippled through Kelly. They were going to make love under the stars. It had always been a fantasy of hers but she’d never imagined it would come true. But a lot of things she’d never imagined were happening lately.

Feeling the need to show him she wasn’t some precious flower that needed tending and special care, that she was an independent woman, Kelly took control. His eyes never left her body as she moved to stand over him, legs spread, hands on her hips.

“Strip.” The single word brought a knowing smirk to Rick’s face. Without a word, and still never taking his eyes from her, he eased his off his jacket, throwing it aside. His gaze was positively smoldering as he loosened his tie and started to pull it over his head.

“Leave it.” Kelly commanded on impulse. His hands paused, then dropped to the front of his charcoal Armani button-down, his eyes burning into her flesh like a brand. His fingers worked slowly, deliberately, intensifying her need for him. But she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her impatience. Cocking her hip, she let him tease her with his leisurely pace.

When the shirt was lying atop the leather jacket, he looked up expectantly, awaiting her next instruction. When she nodded toward his pants, triumph flashed across his face. She realized her mistake as he moved to stand. Once on his feet, he would tower over her, emphasizing her vulnerability and his dominance.

“On second thought, scratch that.” One of his eyebrows shot up, and a look of exasperation took the place of triumph. She knew the score and she wasn’t going to give him an advantage if she could help it. He leaned back on his elbows — shirtless and irresistible — and studied her.

She couldn’t afford to make a misstep or show any hesitation. This had become less of a game for her and more of a demand for equality in this relationship. He may be rich, but that didn’t mean he was in control here. Either he accepted that they were in this together, as equal partners, or he would be taught that lesson. Of course, she suspected that would be a lesson he might enjoy learning.


Marina Maddix is a romantic at heart, but hates closing the bedroom door on her readers. Her stories are sweet, with just enough spice to make your mother blush. She lives with her husband and cat near the Pacific Ocean, and loves to hear from her fans. Connect with her by email (, on Facebook (, Twitter (@MarinaMaddix), Goodreads ( or her website (

Marina’s part of the Insatiable Reads book tour with 15 other sizzling hot romance authors. Different authors will be featured on various blogs throughout the month of March, culminating in several excellent giveaways. Check out the tour at, where you’ll find a schedule of Marina’s other blog stops.


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Superfab terrific tips for Writing Ebook Reviews, Marina!

Thanks sooo much for sharing with us and for the chances to win your wonderful giveaways too!

The Best of RG2E Reading & Reviewing Wishes —

D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



RG2E Featured Author Elaine Raco Chase talks Audio Books!

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Please give a big ol’ RG2E Welcome to Elaine Raco Chase who’s here today to talk about her fabulous, bestselling Audio Books!!!

Take it away, Elaine…

Hi everyone!  Thanks again DD Scott for letting me have so much fun with these RG2E postings!

Today I am here with audio books!  Love them! When I was first print-published, I eagerly agreed for all my romance and mystery novels to be part of Lighthouse for the Blind audio cassettes with matching Braille books.

But how things have changed!  Now audio books – in so many formats – are the hottest thing going.  And I read about it first on DD’s main blog – so a big wave and thank you DD!

I’ve introduced quite a few author friends to audio books and the group I’m using – which is part of Amazon.  But take heart – the audio books go to: iTunes and – so everyone can ‘hear’ your words.

“Hearing your words”…sometimes that can strike fear into an author’s heart.  I think all of us struggle to find the right words that define our characters and can mentally hear the intonation of those words as we write them.  But what happens when someone elses voice says your words? That’s actually the hardest part of creating an audio book – finding the right narrator.  A person whose voice and tonations can make my book, my story, my characters come alive to a reader.

I found Sheila Book just when she joined ACX as a narrator – she did my first audio book Video Vixen and you can hear her ‘purr naughty’ whenever she becomes soap-opera siren Vixen Mallory.

Then I asked …well okay, begged, her to consider Designing Woman. I could just hear her as Brandy Abbott – one minute the consummate architect, the next the consummate sexpot who drives poor Griffen St. Claire into more than distraction.  Luckily Sheila agreed and wow the reviews have been fantastic:

“Great dialogue – And it ALL sounds like a conversation you could overhear at any time, in many situations. That technique alone makes the book a worthwhile read – that it is combined and integrated into a tightly written, fast paced and sexy story makes this worth every one of the 5 stars.

The audio book was narrated beautifully, with words clear and pacing easy to follow. I tend to listen at 2.5 speed, I talk fast too, but It wasn’t too fast to follow the story.

Whether you are looking for a break from television, or don’t mind the other commuters staring at you as you laugh, often, the audiobook is well worth the investment.”

Sheila is now working Calculated Risk .

After listening to at least 50 narrators, I found Janina Edwards who narrated One Way or Another –it was one of’s “Best Reviewed Romances Novels of October.”

One reviewer wrote: “It was enjoyable to listen to. The narrator, Janina, did an excellent job. She has a great voice and just became all of the characters. You know the narration is done well when it sort of fades into the background and all you hear is the story.”

Rules of the Game just hit and iTunes narrated by Rachel Logan. Rachel has a wonderful voice and, like Janina, you just get trapped into the erotic romantic comedy.  It does have a warning label on it!

I worked in radio and television for many years – I even did voice over’s (VO) for I Dream of Jeannie and Wild Kingdom as well as a few sports shows (I know I’ve dated myself but that was me saying: “and next week….” Or “please stay tuned…”) and I did some fantastic radio plays as well.

I had wondered if audio books could be done like a radio play – with opening music, sound effects, dual voices (or even more than two) and I was thrilled to discover Bella Czar Productions shared my thoughts.  Award-winning narrators Destiny Landon and Lee James not only became a cast of 100’s at times but also wrote original music for each chapter and added sound effects, when appropriate, for both Special Delivery and Dare the Devil.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – but it sure is mine. And one reviewer wrote such a detailed review I am framing it:

Where does Dare the Devil rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

Good question. The difference between this audio book and others is the overall production is spectacular – which typically is accomplished through bigger budgets of course and stellar talent. It is read by duo narrators whom are exceptionally gifted with the ability to “become” the characters they portrayed. I would call them talented actors rather than narrators. There was a great amount of back and forth dialogue from a great amount of characters that really filled out the stories big picture and was really well done.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Dare the Devil? The helicopter scene was exciting.

Any additional comments?

This was a great story that was truly different from your generic romance. It was quite original, and really fun to listen too. I loved Cam’s grandmothers who tricked Devlin. Lots of funny parts, real (and hot) romance in a difficult industry and time. Strong characters that were believable and ethical. Just a great listen.

Bella Czar’s Destiny and Lee also did Special Delivery – just two people in the entire book – it’s been on the top of the erotic romance audio bestseller’s list since it was posted and it’s got great reviews!

What about Destiny Landon and Lee James ’s performance did you like?

I love Destiny Landons voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She totally took the character of Roxanne and made it her own. She “IS” Roxanne! Lee was a perfect romantic counterpart, angling her combative nature with the right playfulness in his tone that the writer expertly devised in their dialogue.

Any additional comments?

This is a must “listen” to all you fellow listeners who really enjoy well executed, combative foreplay and well written/descriptive literature.

Destiny and Lee are hard at work on Double Occupancy – which may make even me squirm – it’s been on FB’s Top 50 Books to read after 50 Shades of Grey for 20 weeks (11/15) – oh, my…and they are going to do my newest ebook: Caught in a Trap as well as my mystery series!

I hope you’ll sample all my audio books – they are attached to the ebook on Amazon, in iTunes and at…and there are so many other great audio books to choose from…did I say “audio books make great gifts!”

And speaking of gifts – I have 15 audio books to give a way today – you’ll be able to choose your download off of – nothing to join, you’ll get a gift code. The only choice – is the heat level!

Many of you know that I host The Author’s Corner every Thursday nite at 8PM eastern time, on – internet radio. DD will be joining me and a few other authors and narrators on December 13th – when we talk audio books…hope you’ll listen in!

About Elaine:

What a great time to be a writer! I am thrilled to be able to update, enhance, extend my bestselling print romantic comedies.  Connecting with fans and other writers has been fantastic all courtesy of Facebook/twitter. My romantic comedies are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, AllRomance, Itunes – everyplace!

I also host The Author’s Corner every Thursday nite, 8PM EDT on – blog talk radio.  I feature authors and their books along with marketing experts for writers; reading experts for parents; and bullying help for everyone!  There’s always something fun on the show – so I hope you’ll listen in!

What am I up to?  So excited about Double Occupancy it’s been on Facebooks’ Top 50 Books to read after 50 Shades of Grey list for 15 weeks!  No bdsm – just an erotic romantic comedy, with adult characters who share a Mexican villa.

Can’t wait for Dare the Devil to hit on! The award-winning duo of Destiny Landon and Lee James, plus original music, sound effects have turned this erotic western into a movie sound track.  Destiny and Lee did Special Delivery and it’s been on’s erotic romance bestseller’s list since it came out.  Also Sheila Book purr’s naughty in your ear as the narrator for both Video Vixen andDesigning Woman. Janina Edwards is just fabulous, as she recreates One Way or Another in audio. In fact – if you’ve read this far and put One Way in your response, you might just get one audio book for free!

I currently am working on another erotic romantic comedy – Caught in a Trap!  Then I will be updating my award-winning mystery series featuring Roman Cantrell and Nikki Holden.

Connect with Elaine here:

Twitter:   @ElaineRaco





Just fabulous scoop all-around, Elaine, and thanks sooo very much for 15 Audio Book Gifts!!!  WooHooo!!!

I’m looking forward to chatting Audio Books with you on your radio show December 13th!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading & Listening Wishes —

D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

RG2E Featured Author Elaine Raco Chase Takes Us on Her Journey From Print Books to Ebooks

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

Today, many authors are going from traditionally published print books to indie epublished ebooks, and here to tell us about her journey in that regard is the wonderful RG2E Featured Author Elaine Raco Chase.

Take it away, Elaine…

A big thank you to the generous folks (D.D. Scott and company) for allowing me to be a part of RG2E – I’m excited about introducing my updated print published titles to readers.

I’ve been writing contemporary romantic comedies since 1979 – when my first book, Rules of the Game was published as part of a new romance line – Candlelight – from Dell Publishing.  Things took off rapidly for me, and Candlelight quickly became Dell Ecstasy Romance line and my sexy romantic comedies found an audience.

Now – print published, sure. But eBooks … YES!  I was thrilled to get the rights back to all my romance novels and have been updating, enhancing, and adding to most of them.  Two romances: No Easy Way Out and One Way or Another – I’ve left as ‘classics’ – they were both written in 1982 and I thought, let’s leave them as a time capsule.  Was I surprised to see the themes in One Way or Another: foreclosure, credit card issues, high price of gas and food – were still on the front page of every newspaper and on everyone’s mind.  For No Easy Way Out, that theme: a woman who earned more than her husband and had a more impressive career, was also still front and center.  I guess the more things change, the more the stay the same!

Luckily, for all us romance writers and readers, the romance, the courtship, the falling in love and the happily ever after are the most important parts of the story! And when it comes to romantic comedy – I really feel ‘love and laughter’ make perfect bedfellows!

I hope you’ll take a look at my classic titles as well as my updated titles – Double Occupancy was updated to an erotic romantic comedy that has been on Face Book’s Top 50 Books to read after 50 Shades of Grey for 11 weeks!  No bdsm…just a Casey Reynolds – Keurig Killer and burned out reporter – who ends up having to share a vacation villa with alpha male Travis Craig…luckily he does do laundry and cooks – especially when he’s horizontal!

On Amazon

B&N Nook




I also host The Author’s Corner – every Thursday night at 8PM EDT – on  click on the blog talk bar!  It’s a great place to meet and talk with a variety of authors (print published & indie) and learn about new books.  I hope you’ll tune in – usually we have a lot of free books to give away!

For a give-a-way – 5 people will be gifted to a free copy of any of my titles (your choice) if you leave a comment.  Currently new and free on smashwords :  Blue Moon Sizzlers – along with Joan Reeves and Cynthia Wicklund – we have a fun-filled book of novel excerpts, recipes, folk lore surrounding the Blue Moon that was on my birthday this year!  Hope you’ll check it out!

Connect with Elaine:


Follow me on twitter:  @ElaineRaco

Author’s Corner –


Web page:


Facebook author page:



Congrats on your new Epublishing Adventure, Elaine! U Rock! Thanks bunches for being our Guest today and for Ebook Gifting our RG2E Peeps!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder