Our Third RG2E Ereader Giveaway is Now in Full Swing…Who Wants to Win a Kindle Fire from The RG2E then Bubble Twead with D. D. Scott?!

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!!!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!!!

We’ve now launched our Third RG2E Ereader Giveaway!!!

So, get to entering for another chance to win…a Kindle Fire!!!

Enter Here:


(You’ve got till midnight April 30th/May 1st to keep on entering to win! 🙂 )


All entries made through Rafflecopters and random selections will be pooled and the 1 Kindle Fire winner will be randomly selected by The RG2E on May 1. The Winner will be announced on this blog and on The RG2E’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We will attempt to contact the winner directly as well, but it is the winner’s responsibility to claim prize by May 10 or an alternate winner will be selected. Some Rafflecopters may be replaced during the contest due to technical limitations of entry counters and to update any links, but all entries made on all Rafflecopters will be stored and pooled for the prize drawing. Entries will also be randomly collected from Twitter searching the #RG2EEreaderGiveaway hashtag and added to the prize pool for drawings. No purchase necessary, contest is international.

Here’s to hopin’ our first two RG2E Kindle Fire Winners – Terry Parrish and Melissa Ohnoutka – are havin’ a ball with their new Kindle Fires too!

I just treated myself to one too (more on that in an upcoming post), and wow, they’re superfab terrific!!!

Speaking of which…

Coming soon to The RG2E, I’ll be hosting a very special “Meet-and-Greet” on the Kindle Fire, using its waaay cool “Bubble Tweading” (that’s my name for it 🙂 ) Feature!!!

Here’s some superfab scoop on that Kindle Fire Feature from my A-mazing Friend Bufo Calvin of I Love My Kindle and The WG2E:


Basically, what this Kindle Fire Feature/Update allows us to do is to have a live chat “inside a book” while we’re all reading it!!!  It’s as if we’re Tweeting each other in real time right from inside the Ebook we’re all reading at the same time!!!

How cool is that?!

I call it Bubble Tweading (okay…the Tweading is Bufo’s term for it…LOL…but I added the Bubble) because you’re kinda Tweeting while you’re Ereading (there’s the Twead), and you access this feature by tapping on the Bubble icon along the Home Toolbar at the bottom of your Kindle Fire screen.

It’s waaay fun, and I can’t wait to Bubble Twead on Kindle Fire with all of you superfab RG2E Peeps!!!

In the mean time, in order to do that, all you Kindle Fire Peeps need a D. D. Scott Ebook to use in our upcoming Bubble Twead, right?!

So, how ’bout I Ebook Gift y’all…

Yep…my first D. D. Scott Boxed Set!!!

On Amazon



Who all would like an Ebook Gift Copy of my Boxed Set?!

Now then…no worries if you don’t have a Kindle Fire yet…I’ll also do some special Live Chat Events with all your waaay wonderful Nook, Sony, Kobo, iPad, Smashwords and/or Free Ereading Apps Readers!!!  We’ll set those up soon on Facebook and perhaps Twitter too!

So, if you superfab Non-Kindle Peeps would also luuuvvv an Ebook Gift Copy of my Boxed Set, pipe in below as well!

***Note: As always here on The RG2E, I’ll Ebook Gift up to 50 copies of my Boxed Set today!!!

Happy Ereading and Bubble Tweading, Y’All!!! — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder