Today’s EOTD is The WG2E’s Spring Hop Anthology…You’ll Never Again Think of Spring in Quite the Same Way!!!

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Today’s EOTD is a brand new twist on Spring…as in…You’ll Never Again Think of Spring in Quite the Same Way…thanks to the…

Authors: D. D. Scott , Barbara Silkstone, Kristine Cayne, Tracy Sumner & Jayne Ormerod

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Price: 99 Cents

Word Count: 40,000

In this third edition of The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, you’re treated to a terrific, one-of-a-kind approach to the anthology concept.

You’ll get a variety of genres and story-lengths all packaged together as a wonderful way to discover some of today’s hottest new authors!

Plus, each WG2E Anthology is based on a different theme.

In this WG2E Spring Hop Edition, you’re getting stories that yes, have a Spring element, but definitely not in the average way.

You’ll never think of Spring in quite the same way. For example:

• “What about Spring for the Italian Mob? Is it just another season of killing?” for D. D. Scott’s VESUVIUS

• “Spring Fling in South Beach means major trouble for Zo White in this fractured fairytale” for Barbara Silkstone’s MIRROR, MIRROR

• “And should this heroine, nicknamed Spring Roll, save her friend…or should her friend even be saved?” for Jayne Ormerod’s WHEN WE WERE MIDDLE-AGED AND FOOLISH

• “Can sweet serendipity and a Spring festival in South Carolina get this couple back on the steamy side of the tracks?” for Tracy Sumner’s TRUE FATE

• “On this particular St. Patty’s Day, an ex-cop, once bribed by the mob, must now beat them at their own game in order to earn back the life and love he’d lost” for Kristine Cayne’s GUNS ‘N’ TULIPS
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