RG2E Featured Author Anne R. Allen on “Bag Lady Fears: How I Faced Mine by Writing ‘No Place Like Home'”

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We’re welcoming back to The RG2E, one of my fave authors, Anne R. Allen, whose got a fascinating look at a very real issue – Bag Lady Syndrome.

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According to MSN financial columnist Jay McDonald, “Bag lady syndrome is a fear many women share that their financial security could disappear in a heartbeat, leaving them homeless, penniless and destitute”

And the Washington Times reports, “90 percent of women say they feel financially insecure…and almost half are troubled by a ‘tremendous fear of becoming a bag lady’. ”

Bag-lady syndrome can be paralyzing, according to Olivia Mellan, author of Overcoming Overspending, and a Washington, D.C. therapist who specializes in money psychology.

She says “Lily Tomlin, Gloria Steinem, Shirley MacLaine and Katie Couric all admit to having a bag lady in their anxiety closet.”

“It cuts across women of all social groups; it’s not like wealthy women don’t have it,” says Mellan. “Heiresses, women who have inherited wealth, have big bag-lady nightmares because they really feel like the money came to them magically and can leave them just as magically.”




Photo By David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons


When you quit your day job to write full time—especially if you’re single—those fears can escalate to nightmares, anxiety attacks and debilitating self-doubt.

For me, they hit a crescendo when my publisher went out of business and I had to start at square one, writing query letters to agents and editors again like a newbie.

I had to face the fact there would be no more money coming in from the books I’d worked so hard to promote. My magazine writing gigs had dried up, too: either the journals had gone under or were no longer paying.  I’d been out of the workforce for years and the world was in the middle of a recession. My savings were dwindling fast. I feared I’d made all the wrong financial choices and I’d soon be living under a bridge.

I started having a recurring nightmare about living in a rusted, wheel-less truck in some kind of dump full of rats. My skin was crawling with insects. Sometimes parts of my body would fall off. I’d wake up screaming.

One morning I woke from one of those horrific dreams to an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition. (Yes, I have Public Radio on my clock radio: nerd city.)  They were talking to a successful Manhattan magazine editor who had lost her life savings to Bernie Madoff.

Look: it can happen to anybody, I told myself—even people with a ton of savings who have done everything right—and at least I don’t have all that much money to lose.

I got up and read my local morning paper, which was full of articles and letters to the editor complaining about our local homeless population, and how their camps and panhandling  were ruining our town’s idyllic image as “the happiest town in America.”

I flashed on how that posh magazine editor I’d heard on NPR could become one of those scruffy people standing outside the San Luis Obispo Mission with a cardboard sign. She could be one of those despised people living in the “filthy” camps.

So could I.

An awful lot of us are only one Bernie Madoff or catastrophic disease away from those camps.

So I took a day off querying and outlined a story about a New York magazine editor who is not only conned by a Bernie Madoff type, but married to him, so she not only loses everything, but is accused of being complicit in his crimes. On the lam and destitute, she ends up living in a homeless camp in the idyllic wine country near where I live.

For me, picturing somebody like Martha Stewart living in a tent and cooking over a Sterno stove, worrying about where to go for showers and basic bodily functions—not knowing which homeless people she could trust—helped me to walk myself through my fears and see that it would be possible to survive.

Thinking the “unthinkable” sometimes helps us to cope with our fears. If we can visualize ourselves in a terrifying situation that has a positive outcome, it can help us overcome the terror.

As the “Anxiety Doc” says “When it comes to treating anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, creative visualization techniques have proven very therapeutic for sufferers. In order for the visualization to be completely effective, the person must involve all their senses in the process. They need to see themselves performing the behavior, hear the sounds associated with it and feel any tactile sensations. In some cases, even the senses of taste and smell will be involved.”

That’s what a writer does! So as when I visualized my character, Home decorating magazine editor Doria Windsor, in a homeless camp, I pictured her surviving each of my own fears: the lack of hygiene, the stink, the cold, hunger, loss of dignity, etc.

And if she could do it, I could.

It also helped that I write romantic comedy. I had Doria—and my ever-unlucky sleuth Camilla—both find romance and a little wisdom as they face homelessness because of the Ponzi-scheming villain’s crimes.

Then I started giving the homeless people in Doria’s camp personalities and backstories. I researched by talking to a few of the homeless people who panhandle in front of some of my favorite stores in Morro Bay. One woman was remarkably plucky and full of humor.  She became the model for my character of Lucky. I decided not to make my homeless characters objects of pity, but strong-minded survivors who help solve the mystery of a homeless man’s murder.

In a way, they’re the real heroes of my story.

Not long after I started the book, I got an offer from the editor of a small press to publish my backlist. Then another offered to look at the new stuff.  Between September 2011 and December 2012, I published seven books. NO PLACE LIKE HOME is the most recent. It’s the fourth in my series of Camilla Randall rom-com mysteries.

NPLH final

On Amazon


Things are looking up.

I’m not saying that I’m entirely over my bag lady fears. Some of us never will be. But I don’t have those nightmares anymore and the panic isn’t lurking there under the surface every time I lie down to sleep.

I’m giving away a copy of NO PLACE LIKE HOME, so leave your name in the comments (and an email address would help our admin a lot) and one of you will be chosen for a free book.

So tell me: Do you have bag lady fears? Have you ever had nightmares about being homeless? How do you cope with them?

About Anne:

Anne R. Allen is a former actress and stage director who lives on the Central Coast of California. She’s the author of six romantic-comedy mysteries. Her newest is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

Until the end of February 2013, her previous Camilla Randall mystery, SHERWOOD, LTD is FREE on KOBO and Smashwords. It is also available in paperback from Amazon. It’s inspired by Anne’s own misadventures with her first publishers, an outlaw band of Englishmen following their own self-styled Robin Hood.

She has written a guidebook for authors with Catherine Ryan Hyde (author of the iconic novel Pay it Forward.) HOW TO BE A WRITER IN THE E-AGE…AND KEEP YOUR E-SANITY! She shares an award-winning blog with NYT bestselling author Ruth Harris at Anne R. Allen’s Blog…with Ruth Harris

Author page at Amazon.com


Wow, Anne! What a fabulous post! I write about Madoff-style Ponzi-scheming too in my Cozy Cash Mysteries, but I never thought about it from the homeless angle. Fascinating!

Thanks sooo much for sharing with us today, and for the Ebook Gift Copy and FREE Ebook too!

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RG2E Featured Author Janice Lane Palko “Steals” People from Her Life for Her Characters

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RG2E Featured Author Janice Lane Palko “steals” people…and she’s giving us the scoop on how she does it for the characters in her books.

Take it away, Janice…

Hi Readers:

I’m ashamed, but I must confess to you.  I’m a thief.  No, I don’t pilfer glittering jewels, original paintings, or even packs of gum.  What I do steal are your words, experiences, mannerisms, and emotions.  In other words, I’m a writer.  British author Nina Bawden is credited for saying that “All writers are thieves.”   I couldn’t agree with her more.

Recently, I released my first novel, a romantic comedy entitled St. Anne’s Day.  The book is littered with looted lines, embezzled experiences, and misappropriated mannerism.  Although she is not the main character of the novel, Peg McMaster, is the mother of Gerry, who is the heartthrob of the novel.  Anne, our heroine, against her better judgment, has fallen for him.  I’ve had numerous readers contact me to say how much they love Peg because she seems so real and comes out with some hilarious remarks.  She should seem real—I stole her from life.

Actually, I stole both my maternal and paternal grandmothers and fused them to create Peg, a character who often upstages the others.  My maternal grandmother, Gert, was a cigarette-smoking, novel-reading, vulgarity-speaking easy going sort.  Although she was Catholic like Peg in the book, she rarely went to church.  However, she did send lots of money to religious charities who, to show their deep appreciation, sent her such holy trinkets as thermometers embedded in plastic fish skeletons and glow-in-the-dark rosary beads.

Conversely, my paternal grandmother, Agnes, never smoked, never swore, never read novels and went to Mass several times a week and was a more structured type.  Amazingly, both of my grandmothers liked and respected each other.  Perhaps because they both spoke so colorfully.  If something startling happened, Grandma Aggie would exclaim, “Oh, God help us,” while Grandma Gert would snap, “Son of a b*&#ch!

Many of the things Peg says in the book have come directly from their lips.  When Pegs tells Anne about how she got pregnant with Gerry when she was in her 40s, she says. “ Well, they always say, as long as you’re in the army, you can always get shot.”  I stole that line from Grandma Aggie, who once said that about a relative who had a “change-of-life baby.”

Later in the novel, Anne, who is Peg’s nurse, asks Peg how she is feeling.  Peg replies, “like a lily dipped in sh*t.”  Need I say, that I stole that one from Grandma Gert?  Peg collects religious artifacts like Grandma Gert and believes butter is it’s own food group.  Like Grandma Aggie, Peg has white cotton candy hair, prays regularly and worries about everyone’s immortal soul without coming off as sanctimonious.

Both of my grandmothers are now dead, but I often wonder what they’d think of my stealing their words and traits for use in St. Anne’s Day.  I’m not quite sure, but in my mind I can hear Grandma Aggie saying “Lord help us, I’m so happy I’m going up for a bust,” and Grandma Gert saying, “Well, I’ll be damned.  That’s me in your book!”

Can you think of a character from a novel that seemed so real that you could almost imagine them stepping off the page into real life?  Who is the most wise-cracking character you can recall from a novel?

About St. Anne’s Day

Fired from her job after a temper outburst, Anne Lyons accepts a position as a private duty nurse for an elderly spitfire, Peg McMaster, who is recovering from heart surgery. When she meets the woman’s handsome son, Gerry McMaster, an instant attraction is ignited.  Though he may be the city’s most eligible bachelor, he reminds Anne too much of her callous ex-boyfriend.

To escape the life that took his father’s and that threatens his, Gerry has avoided love at all costs, earning him a reputation as a charmer who goes through lovers faster than a premenstrual woman goes through chocolates.   Then he meets Anne, and suddenly Gerry is fighting feelings he’s run from for years.

Peg has been praying to St. Anne, the patron saint of housewives, to find a suitable wife for her son before she dies.  When Anne arrives on the Feast of St. Anne, Peg believes her prayers have been answered and plots to bring Anne and Gerry together in this charming tale that will make you laugh and cry..

St. Anne’s Day is available on:

Amazon   Barnes & Noble Nook  Smashwords 

Price: $2.99

Enter to win one of 3 Ebook Gifts of St. Anne’s Day that I’m giving away.  

Also, don’t forget to sign up at my blog to receive my newsletter which will alert you when my soon-to-be released Christmas romance A Shepherd’s Song is available.

Tom Shepherd is anything but a hero.  A senior physics major at ThreeRiversUniversity in Pittsburgh, he just wants to make some easy cash.  On the last Sunday in November, he arrives to sell the Christmas season’s hottest toy, So Big Sammy, for three times its retail price to a buyer, but a snafu lands him in the middle of a bone marrow drive benefitting four-year-old Christo Davidson, who has leukemia.  When everyone there—including the media covering the event–assumes that Tom has come to give the toy to the sick boy, Tom has no choice but to give it away.

Lauded by the media as a hero and bestowed with the nickname The Good Shepherd, Tom finds himself an overnight celebrity.  When Gloria Davidson, a fellow student and Christo’s relative, seeks out Tom to thank him for being kind so kind to her little cousin, Tom, bewitched by her beauty, embellishes his character and lies to further impress Gloria.  Tom asks Gloria out, beginning a relationship that will lead him to examine everything he believes.  On Christmas Eve, Tom finds himself facing choices that will affect not only himself but also Gloria and Christo.  Tom must choose between sacrifice and honor, love and loneliness, life and death.

A Christmas romance with the charm of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life, A Shepherd’s Song, with set your soul to singing.  

About Janice

Janice Lane Palko has been a writer for more than 15 years.  She is currently the executive editor of Northern Connection and Pittsburgh 55+ magazines, where she also pens a column and contributes regularly to the magazines’ content.

Her work has also appeared in publications such as The Reader’s Digest, Guideposts for Teens, Woman’s World, The Christian Science Monitor, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  In addition, her essays have been featured in the books A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration, A Cup of Comfort for Expectant Mothers, and Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul. 

Janice has won several awards for her writing including the prestigious Amy Foundation Award of Merit, and she has a bachelor’s degree in Writing & Literature from Union Institute & University.

Connect with Janice here:

Blog:  www.thewritinglane.blogspot.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/janicelanepalko.writer

Website:  www.janicelanepalko.com

Twitter:  @janicelanepalko

Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6475435.Janice_Lane_Palko

Google+:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/113342631851150766666/posts

Email:  janicelanepalko@gmail.com


Thanks sooo much for sharing with us, Janice, and for treating three RG2E Peeps to Ebook Gift Copies too! U rock!

I’ve got a sweatshirt that says “Be careful, you might end up in my next novel”…and it’s sooo true and reminds me of exactly what you’re saying here! 🙂

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D. D. Scott Asks: Who Says Ebook Characters Have to be Human? How ’bout Canines, Swine and Bovines?!

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As many of you know, I’m a HUGE animal-lover! In fact, not a single page of my books get written without my two BFFs – Buckley and Siggy – at my feet or on my lap.

Seriously, if I’m working in my fave chair on my laptop, these two are both trying to sit with me. LOL!

***Note: Buckley is a shelter-rescued Springer Spaniel and Siggy used to belong to my new co-author David Slegg.

Not only do I write with Buckley and Siggy close-by, but I also include a bunch of four-legged characters in my books!

In other words…

Who Says Ebook Characters Have to be Human? How ’bout Canines, Swine and Bovines?!

In Bootscootin’ Blahniks, you’ll meet three superfab canines:

Dipstick and Darling


Studley Pete

In The Cozy Cash Mysteries, we’ve got my fave new swine…a pot-bellied pig named Vinnie:

And in my latest series The Stuck with a Series, which kicks off with Book One – Stuck with a Stiff, we’ve got one heckuva bad ass bovine in Beulah:

So, there ya have it! In D. D. Scott-ville, I treat you to a bunch of quirky crazy characters, not all of which are human! 🙂

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RG2E’s EOTD is Cherry on Top, a Romantic Comedy from USA Today Bestselling Author Kathleen Long

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Here’s a waaay fun way to kick-off our weekend…

Author: Kathleen Long

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

Life… When Cherry Harte wins the lottery, she sets out to reinvent her life. New villa. New wardrobe. New personal history. The only thing that can stop her now is her wacky family and the hunky mechanic who kicks her libido from zero to sixty in no time flat.

Luck… Luke Chance has had it with women, especially women with new money, yet Cherry Harte seems to be far more than a pretty package. But is she on the lam? The woman’s hiding something, and Luke intends to find out what. He’s a man on mission. Call it…



I’m thrilled to present the digital release of one of my early titles. Originally published in 2005, CHERRY ON TOP is a fast-paced romantic comedy, complete with a zany cast of characters.

I love to escape into the pages of a book, and CHERRY ON TOP was one of my all-time favorite stories to write. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about Cherry and Luke’s trials and tribulations as well as about their quirky relatives. From Cherry’s wig-loving sister to her skunk-loving poodle, it seems everyone–Cherry included–is having a bit of an identity crisis.


Doesn’t this sound sooo fun?!

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RG2E’s EOTD is Nina Whyle’s Romantic Comedy Moving Up on Manolos

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Here’s a fun romp to kick-off the weekend…

Author: Nina Whyle

On Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: 99 Cents (on Kindle) to $1.38 (Nook and Smashwords)

“You put high heels on and you change.”
– Manolo Blahnik

Many of us (ladies) sit frustrated at home on a dark night with a glass of wine in one hand and a calorific spoon in the other reminiscing over the dreams we once had, Jane Allen is no different on that score.

When her best friend from drama school, the delectable TV heartthrob Alex Canty invites Jane to LA this is her chance to turn her life around. But when a potato sack has more elegance than you it’s easy for self doubt to creep in and become a quivering jelly!

With the much needed ego-boost from her machiavellian flatmate Jane blows a hole straight through her credit card and arrives in LA with a designer wardrobe, new haircut and a stunning pair of four-inch Manolo Blahnik heels. Or to put it more precisely wobbles into the terminal, teeters over to passport control and stumbles into the arms of a handsome stranger.

Glamour is not all it’s cracked up to be but having the wardrobe certainly is!

About the Author (from her LOL website):

Where to start? Definitely not from the beginning I’d bore myself and you, the kind readers of cyber world which is of far more consequence!

From the moment that second hand typewriter entered my bedroom the quest began. A young girl trapped in the countryside with cows as her only sounding board my imagination ran riot. It had to as the only means of escape were strapped below my feet with a rusty puncture kit, after five hours of cycling I would always return from my jaunts seeking jammy dodgers the elixir of an eight year olds life. Then came boys, hormones and college…life suddenly slapped me in the face like a wet kipper. Endless jobs where the only signs of creativity were printing out rota’s on orange paper, whoopee grrrrrr there had to be more. So writing my passion is now up for sharing with you all, be warned there are some steamy scenes just as passionate in the books.


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RG2E EOTD include Jean Brashear’s Western Romance Texas Secrets and Rita Herron’s Romantic Comedy Marry Me, Maddie

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Hold onto your horses…we’ve got a wonderful Western Romance for ya and one LOL Romantic Comedy too!!!

Author: Jean Brashear

On Amazon , B&N Nook and Smashwords

Price: 99 Cents

From Kindle and USAToday bestselling author Jean Brashear, the first book of a revised, updated trilogy of classic romances rich with emotion, ripe with secrets, scandals and sexual tension.

“Gifting readers with another emotionally charged romance, Ms. Brashear has a fine knack for commingling full-bodied characters, a fast-moving storyline and just the right measure of passion.” ~Romantic Times Bookclub magazine

Up-and-coming chef Maddie Collins finds out that her father’s life was a lie when she is bequeathed a family homeplace she never knew existed—by the husband of the only woman her father ever loved. Rugged horseman Boone Gallagher arrives back in Texas to discover that the father who drove him away has struck one last blow. The only place he’s ever thought of as home now belongs to a woman who doesn’t want it, and he must keep her there for thirty days—or it will be lost to them both.

Updated, revised version of previously published A Family Secret, Silhouette Special Edition.

“I really enjoyed this, er, literary foreplay. I knew that when these two finally made love, they wouldn’t just be going through the motions—there were going to be some fireworks….Jean Brashear is a terrific discovery for me.” ~The Romance Reader

“Hotter than a Texas July afternoon…a well-crafted story of families lost and found.” ~Compuserve Romance Reviews

“The plot is catchy, the characters are sizzling, and the romance is unstoppable. Great story! I loved it and can’t wait for the next two books.” ~Rendezvous

“So many sparks between Boone and Maddie, it’s a wonder the old house doesn’t go up in flames…SPLENDID!” ~Bell, Book and Candle

“Jean Brashear writes with warmth and emotional truth. The depth of her understanding of human nature marks her as a writer to watch.” ~Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Jean Brashear is a writer of rare talent.” ~Affaire de Coeur

Author: Rita Herron

On Amazon

Price: 99 Cents

If you like Marry Me, Maddie, don’t miss the sequel SLEEPLESS IN SAVANNAH!

Praise for Marry Me, Maddie

4 Stars! “Marry Me, Maddie is a charming, humorous and flat-out fun ready.”
Jill Smith, Romantic Times

“Rita Herron’s lovable, laughable style…will keep the reader in stitches.”
C. Penn, WordWeaving

“Get set for an entertaining read with a lively set of characters.”
Scribes World Reviews

One sassy southern girl looking for the right man…
Two sexy men after her heart:

Bachelor # 1 – the long term boyfriend she just dumped

Bachelor # 2 – her overprotective brothers’ best friend

When the competition heats up, who will win her heart and her hand?

More Praise
“Fresh, funny and a joy to read!”
Stephanie Bond, author of Body Movers

If you’re a fan of Jenni Cruise, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, or Julie
Ortolon, you have to try Rita Herron’s sexy romantic comedies!
switch leaves a man sleepless when the woman he wants ends up with another man!
UNDER THE COVERS — A famous marriage counselor hires a man to
play her husband when her real one leaves her for a man!
HUSBAND HUNTING 101 — A woman takes a class to find a husband!
HERE COMES THE BRIDE — A twin switch, a fake fiancé
– a real wedding? SINGLE AND SEARCHING — she places an ad to find a date; he’s a cop who thinks she’s a thief!


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RG2E’s EOTD is Sibel Hodge’s My Perfect Wedding…Plus, Our Next Kindle Fire Giveaway Winner is About to be Announced!!!

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Can y’all believe it’s May 1st already?!

And you know what that means…

It’s just about time to announce our next RG2E Kindle Fire Winner!!!

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But, in the mean time, we’d luuuvvv to Ebook Gift you

Sibel Hodge‘s Romantic Comedy

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WARNING! This book contains screwball comedy, quirky characters, and farcical situations…

Helen Grey is finally getting everything she wants. She’s about to have the perfect dream wedding and begin an exciting new life abroad on the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus. But living the dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

After a mix-up at the airport, Helen finds herself drawn into the midst of an elaborate plot to steal an ancient statue and assassinate a local businessman. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, her wedding dress is AWOL, the statue seems to be cursed, and Helen is wanted by the police.

With the big day rapidly approaching, a roller-coaster of mishaps, misunderstandings, and disasters threatens to turn the newlyweds into nearlyweds.

Can Helen prevent an assassination, save the statue, and have the perfect wedding? Or will the day to remember turn into one she’d rather forget?
(88,000 words)

“I loved this book. It is funny, witty and intriguing. If you are a fan of Sophie Kinsella I am positive you will love My Perfect Wedding by Sibel Hodge” –Geeky Girl Books

“”I uploaded this book on my Kindle this morning and was so engrossed, I let everything go for the day. A must read, you will enjoy” –I’m Just Sayin…Book Reviews By KK

“In this laugh-out loud, real to the bone, commentary on what being married is like. I recommend this to anyone!” –Hot Gossip Hot Reviews

“My Perfect Wedding was entertaining and funny. The dialogue is sharp and witty, which had me laughing out loud at times. If you enjoy chick lit, this book is for you.” –Inky Impressions

“The fun never stops and you will find yourself laughing out loud at odd moments throughout the story. Ms. Hodge is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine.” –Coffee Time Romance & More


***Note: Sibel is also the author of one of my fave humorous mystery series – The Amber Fox Mysteries. So check out those too!!!

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