RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward talks Epic Storylines and Cliffhangers

Happy Monday, RG2E Peeps!

Let’s give a Wonderful RG2E Welcome to Featured Author Tamara Ward, who’s talking Epic Storylines and Cliffhangers.

Take it away, Tamara…

ward sitting med

Hi, everyone! I’m so happy to be here on the RG2E today talking about my new release,Hidden Betrayal. It’s the second novel in the Jade O’Reilly mystery series, which features sassy private investigator Jade O’Reilly. Right now, in addition to the two novels, four short stories also are included in the series. Jade’s got spunk, and a bit of an attitude, as well as three older brothers, a cute detective as her romantic interest, and a co-worker with the appearances and persona of a pug with severe indigestion. Jade is a lot of fun to write – and (I hope) to read!


In addition to the mysteries she sets out to solve, there’s also an overarching mystery that Jade is out to solve, one that is going to tie a series of five novels together. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that Jade wants to get resolution to her parents’ deaths. At the end of the novels, Jade finds pieces of resolution – but not the lasting kind or the kind that is entirely, neatly packaged (tightly taped shut, with a double-knotted bow). Readers won’t find this epic storyline in the short stories, just in the novels.

As an author, I admit I feel worried: Am I leaving too much unresolved at the end of each novel with Jade? I’ve read novels with epic storylines – novels that pull off the un-resolution to their overarching storylines successfully. And I’ve also read series where the novels end on cliffhangers that just leave me, the reader, feeling cheated in the worst way with heart-clenching irresolution. I hope and believe my novels provide adequate resolution. As a rule, I write my novels to be standalone – readers can read one without reading another. And the mystery/problem of each particular novel is completely resolved, one way or another. But Jade won’t find all the answers she’s looking for when it comes to her family – at least not until a few novels from now.

So about Hidden Betrayal: Here’s the blurb from the back cover…

Who isn’t hiding a secret? That’s what Private Investigator Jade O’Reilly wonders as she looks into the theft of an artifact destined for the local art museum. The artifact’s owner is a man so wealthy he could buy the county and who wouldn’t mind also investing time into Jade. His advances don’t please Keith, Jade’s romantic interest. But that’s not the only source of conflict in the developing relationship. Why doesn’t Keith want Jade applying to carry a concealed handgun? Will Keith convince Jade to scrap her application, or will Keith’s mind change as Jade’s investigation takes a deadly twist?

Hidden Betrayal is the second novel in the Jade O’Reilly Mystery series by Amazon Bestselling Mystery Author Tamara Ward. The first novel in the series, Private Deception, joins multiple short stories that follow Jade on other adventures. In all, action and light romance combine with engaging characters and humor for page-turning whodunits set in the fictional coastal town of Sweetwater, NC.

How do you feel, as a reader, about overarching storylines that aren’t resolved until the end of a series? Let me know, please, and if you’d like a free ebook copy of Hidden Betrayal, leave your email. At the end of the day, I’m drawing five winners from a hat. 

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the read!

~~~ Tamara Ward

Amazon Bestselling Mystery Author Tamara Ward’s storylines and characters combine for fun, fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down reads. Her published mystery novels include Private Deception, Storm Surge, andSilver Flashing. In her mysteries, you’ll find characters who keep readers hooked, strong-willed women sleuths, and a sprinkling of humor.

For more information, visit Tamara Ward’s blog athttp://www.authortamaraward.blogspot.com/.


Thanks Bunches, Tamara, for a superfab fun post and for treating several RG2E Peeps to an Ebook Gift Copy of HIDDEN BETRAYAL. Luv the cover, btw!!! 🙂

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder



RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward on “How to Use Goodreads”

Happy Weekend, RG2E Peeps!

We’ve gotten a few requests to go over the basics of Goodreads, how to use the site. So, here’s the fabulous scoop from RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward, who is my go-to Goodreads Guru.

Take it away, Tamara…

me standing medium

Goodreads is a site that’s all about readers – readers sharing what books they like and don’t like, readers getting and giving book recommendations. As the site says, “Every once in a while you run into a friend who tells you about this ‘great new book I’m reading.’ And suddenly you’re excited to read it. It’s that kind of excitement that Goodreads is all about.”

So you want to know how to be a part of the excitement. The first step is to read a book… or remember the last book you read. It helps if you really loved the book. Then, log onto Goodreads and find the book by running a search for its title.

Hopefully, the book will come up in your search, you’ll click on it, and you’ll be brought to the book’s page. You’ll see the book cover on the left, beside the title and author, and the book blurb. Beneath the cover, five stars are lined up, just waiting for your click. Select the number of stars you feel the book deserves. Get ready to click on the pop-up balloon that gives you the option of writing a review.

clickhere (1)

On a book’s page, you’ll see your friends’ reviews of that book, and you’ll also see which of your Goodreads friends have marked the book as to-be-read. (This is all on the left hand side of your screen.)

On the right hands side, you’ve got a bunch of interactive features. You can share that you’ve read the book via a variety of social media sites. You can share or view favorite quotes or trivia from the book. Sometimes even a video related to the book is posted, and you can watch that.

If you really loved the book, see if it’s on any lists (also in that right hand column). Check out the list; perhaps you’ll like another book on the list.

I can get lost wandering around Goodreads. In a good way.

“Goodreads users recommend books, compare what they are reading, keep track of what they’ve read and would like to read, find their next favorite book, form book clubs and much more,” the site says.

And it’s true. I’ve enjoyed all these features on Goodreads, and basically, you just dive in and start going for it. That’s my best advice.

Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for a book club, try the WG2E Street Team’s RG2E club at http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/62304-we-read-indie-books-rg2e.

What do you think, RG2E Peeps? Do you have a favorite way to spend your time on Goodreads?

The Best of Goodreads Wishes — Tamara Ward

Tamara Ward is an Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Mystery Author. Storm Surge, the first novel in the Jonie Waters mystery series, released in 2011.

Today, here at The RG2E, Tamara is Ebook Gifting her latest release – PRIVATE DECEPTION. So, let us know below if you’d like one, and you just might win!!!

ebookcoverNEWlg (1)

Sassy private investigator Jade O’Reilly thinks she’s hit rock bottom when, in the midst of obtaining photos of a cheating spouse in a second-story apartment, she falls off a swing set to the feet of an attractive mystery man. But the next day, when Jade discovers the man’s identity—he’s a detective with the local Sweetwater, NC, police—she learns that the cheating spouse was murdered and Jade herself is a suspect. Rock bottom just got a new definition.

For Kindle from Amazon, $3.99
For Nook from Barnes & Noble
In various digital formats from Smashwords


I’m on Goodreads too, Tamara, and really enjoy it! Here’s my page so y’all can join the fun:


The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


Amazon Bestselling Author Tamara Ward on New Year’s Reading Resolutions

Wavin’ atchya, RG2E Peeps!

Many of us made New Year’s Resolutions…but how ’bout New Year’s Reading Resolutions?

Here’s Amazon Bestselling Author Tamara Ward to tell you about hers…

ward standing medium

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I do, even if I don’t always keep them! Among my resolutions this year is one that deals with the books I read. I already read a lot, but this year I want to make a concentrated effort to make sure I’m getting a balanced diet of books throughout the year.

Sometimes, I’m stuck in a reading rut, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a genre and sticking with it, devouring everything you can get your hands on. But every month this year I want to read a variety of books by a variety of authors, fiction and nonfiction, mystery and romance, sci-fi/fantasy, YA and adult!

Knowing how my resolutions go, I’ll start off strong and putter out. And to distract me from my lack of willpower, I’ll lose myself in a good read.

If you need distraction – or a fun read – I’ve got the ticket for you! I’d love to treat you to a mystery, Silver Flashing. It’s the second in my Jonie Waters mystery series, but it can be read as a standalone. The novel is available in every e-reading format. Leave a comment for your chance to one of 10 Ebook Gift Copies I’m giving away. 

Silver Flashing ebook revised

About Silver Flashing

Newspaper reporter Jonie Waters thinks the story she’s covering is bizarre. Even so, she’s not prepared for the shock of finding a corpse in a trunk beneath the floorboards of a house. She dashes from the grim discovery and calls the police. But by the time alluring detective Daniel Wyeth arrives on the scene and reenters the house, the trunk and its contents are missing!

With the police and her newspaper coworkers questioning her credibility, Jonie makes tracking down the body and the murderer her mission. She won’t let anything get in her way, not even distractions that include covering a series of newspaper articles with her old flame, interacting with her dysfunctional family, intercepting a mugging, and surviving a round of mud wrestling.

Silver Flashing is the second novel in the Jonie Waters Mystery series by Amazon Bestselling Mystery and Romantic Suspense Author Tamara Ward. Action and light romance combine with engaging characters and humor for a page-turning whodunit set in Wilmington, NC.

Buy Links ($3.99):

For Kindle from Amazon

In paperback from Amazon

For Nook from B&N

In other e-reader formats from Smashwords

Connect with Tamara here:

Tamara’s blog

Tamara’s Facebook Page

Tamara on Twitter

Tamara’s Goodreads Page


I’m with you, Tamara! I’m doing a ton of reading in 2013 and across a variety of genres, many of which are new to me!!! Cheers to that!!!

And cheers to you for treating our RG2E Peeps to Ebook Gift Copies!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


It’s Day Two of Beach Book Blast’s Holiday Ebook Extravaganza!!!

Yesterday we featured books related to the impending holidays, but if you’re looking for an escape from all the frivolity, hustle, and calories that come with the season, today is your day of the Beach Book Blast (BBB) Holiday Ebook Extravaganza!

You can find all of the fabulous Ebook Extravaganza books on the BBB website. And today we’re featuring books by WG2E Street Team authors that make great gifts – or perhaps early presents to yourself, allowing you to keep your sanity through this jingly time of the year.

More Ebook Extravaganza Books


Carpe DiEmily (Parts 1 & 2)

By Riley J. Ford

Available for $2.99 at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and Kobo

It’s one hilarious misadventure after another as a pent-up copywriter tries to fulfill her unusual bucket list while outrunning an organ broker who wants her dead.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00004]

Deadly Obsession

by Kristine Cayne

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Amazon UK, B&N, Nook UK, and Kobo (regularly $3.99)

Nic’s life is shattered by a stalker who threatens any woman close to him. When he meets Lauren, the attraction is instant—and mutual. She’s exactly the sort of woman he craves, but the stalker wants her dead.


Heaven Is For Heroes

By PJ Sharon

Available for $2.99 at Amazon

Kristan Higgins, NYT and USA Today bestselling author says, “Filled with the complex emotions of grief, confusion and first love, Heaven is for Heroes is a rich, uplifting story that will touch a reader’s heart.” 


The Hot Shots

By Stephanie Queen

Available for $3.99 at Amazon

Would you jump off the USS Constitution into Boston Harbor with a perfect stranger? You would if that stranger was hot shot Scotland Yard detective, the usual tall-dark-handsome type, Chauncey Miller. A fun, Bond-inspired romantic comedy thriller.


Into The Dark

By Stacy Green

Available for $5.95 at Amazon and MuseItUp Publishing in all digital formats

Who is the man the media has dubbed the “Taker?” Why is he after Emilie, and what is the connection he’s convinced they share in this novel that takes readers into the abyss that lies beneath Las Vegas: the storm drains, a refuge for the downtrodden and the desperate?


Magic In The Storm

by Meredith Bond

Available for $.99 at Amazon, B&N, and All Romance ebooks

Morgan is trapped and powerless. Adriana would give up everything for her freedom. The only way to fulfill their destinies is for each to unlock the powers of the other – through the magic in the storm.


Mending the Line

By Christy Hayes

Ebook available for $3.99 at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo

A catch and release fisherman hooks the one girl he won’t let go. A distance runner with big dreams and an uncertain future falls hard for a summer fling. Can Jill risk losing her career and her heart to Tyler when he’ll be gone in a few months, or will Ty reel in the biggest catch of his life?


More Fish in the Sea

By Julie Day

Available for $0.99 at Smashwords, Amazon, and Kobo

When 25 year-old Mandy Knowles sees her mum and ex-boyfriend together, the pain and heartache of their betrayal and the loss of her baby is brought back. But help is at hand from her Aunt Geraldine, who is dead. Mandy is led to realise that her colleague, Russ, more than likes her.


Sword of the Gods: The Chosen One

By Anna Erishkigal

Available in all e-formats for FREE at Smashwords until December 15

Available for $2.99 at other e-distributors

As intrigues roil the heavens, a tiny Mesopotamian town becomes ground-zero for this fantasy fiction retelling of mankind’s most epic story about the battle between good and evil – the clash of empires and ideologies – and the greatest superhero to ever walk the Earth. The Archangel Mikhail.


Tales from the Mist

by Scott Nicholson, Rhonda Hopkins, Marty Young, Cate Dean, Tamara Ward, Meredith Bond, Catie Rhodes, Greg Carrico, Mitzi Flyte, Natalie G. Owens, *lizzie starr and Stacey Joy Netzel

SALE $0.99 on AmazonB&NKobo

(regular price $4.99)

Smashwords: use coupon code VW36V for discount at checkout

Tales from the Mist will take you on a journey into the dark world of the paranormal. These twelve stories vary in their degree of horror, yet all reach across the boundaries of their genres into the chilling realms of the macabre.


Wicked Sense

By Fabio Bueno

Available for $4.99 at Amazon

Skye’s London coven sends her to Seattle’s Greenwood High to find an unusually gifted witch who may trigger a dangerous new era of witch-hunting. Things get complicated when Skye meets a charming new classmate, Drake, and she clashes with an intimidating rival witch. Going on a date has never been harder.


More Beach Book Blast Holiday Ebook Extravaganza fabulousness!!! Luuuvvv it!!! And again, thanks to the wonderful Tamara Ward for sharing the scoop with us!!! 🙂

RG2E Peeps, let us know below which ones you’d like Ebook Gift Copies of, and you just might win one…or more!!!

The Best of RG2E Reading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


Beach Book Blast is Back with a Two-Day Holiday Ebook Extravaganza!!!

It’s that time of year when we might either

1. Lose ourselves in the wonder of the season, the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, the mistletoe dangling above doorways, and the carolers on the corner… or

2. Want to lose ourselves from annoyances of the season, the crowded shopping malls, the eggnog and fruitcake, and the nonstop holiday music everywhere.

So welcome, RG2E Readers, to the BBB (BeachBookBlast) Holiday Ebook Extravaganza! Today and tomorrow, a ton of WG2E Street Team authors are featuring their books. You can find all of the fabulous books on the BBB website.

Today, we’re letting you know about some fantastic seasonal reads. (If you’re sick of Christmas already and need an escape, wait until tomorrow! Bah humbug!)

The Holiday Ebook Extravaganza


A Shepherd’s Song

By Janice Lane Palko

Ebook available for $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords

A Christmas romance with the charm of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life, A Shepherd’s Song, will set your soul to singing.

Street BeMineFor Xmas

Be Mine for Christmas

By Alicia and Roy Street

Available for $0.99 at Amazon

Reece opened his Christmas tree farm after the accident that nearly took his life. But it left him with the vision of a woman who would heal his heart. “What a lovely, delicious Christmas novella about falling in love at this special time of year.” –Amazon Reviewer, Marglyn

DD White (1)

Dragonfly Dreams

By Stacey Joy Netzel

Available for $2.99 at Amazon, BN, ARe, SW, Apple, Kobo 

Jake’s attempt to do the right thing with the brooch he recently purchased from Loral might cost him his business and a future with Loral.


Island Bound

By Kiru Taye

Marriage has stripped their relationship of its thin, rose-tinted coating, and bared their monochromatic existence for what it was. Will Joshua and Christy get a second chance this holiday season? Visit http://www.kirutaye.com/booklist/island-bound for future buy links.


Jade O’Reilly and the 12 Days of Christmas

By Tamara Ward

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo

Who is secretly decorating the property of the crankiest old biddy in all of Sweetwater in this Christmas short story mystery?


Mistletoe & Murder

By Laina Turner

Available for $.99 at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes

Audio available on Audible and iTunes.

Theft turns into murder in this holiday short story. Why would anyone want to kill Tommy and what was he hiding?

Stacy Joy Mistletoe final 600w 72dpi

Mistletoe Mischief (Romancing Wisconsin Bk 1)

By Stacey Joy Netzel

FREE on Amazon, BN, Apple, ARe, Kobo, SW

Mistletoe Magic 600 w 300dpi

Mistletoe Magic (Romancing Wisconsin Bk 2)

By Stacey Joy Netzel

Available for $2.99 at Amazon, BN, Apple, ARe, Kobo, SW

Mistletoe Match-Up 600 wide 300dpi

Mistletoe Match-Up (Romancing Wisconsin Bk 3)

By Stacey Joy Netzel

Available for $2.99 at Amazon, BN, Apple, ARe, Kobo, SW

Christmas recipe for love—combine a matchmaking Santa, lots of mistletoe, one iron-clad rule, fated hearts; mix and stir. The Riley siblings don’t stand a chance.


On Thin Ice

PJ Sharon

Available for $2.99 at Amazon

Lies begin a chain of events that have dire consequences. If this 17-year-old reveals her secrets, will the shock and disappointment mean the end for her mother? Or has her mother been keeping the biggest secret of all?


WooHoooo all-around, Beach Book Blast Peeps! This is an awesome way to fill-up our Ereaders this holiday season!!!  And thank you, Tamara Ward, for sharin’ the scoop with us!!!

Let us know below which ones you’d like Ebook Gift Copies of, and you just might win one…or more!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder


More Beach Book Blast New Fall Book Releases and the Thanks For Great Books Blog Hop!

RG2E Peeps…

Welcome back for day two of the New Fall e-book Releases and Thanks for Great Books Blog Hop.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are all ready to start back to work…or maybe you’d like the weekend to last just a bit longer. Take a break this week and pick up a good book…or two or three. Nine of our WG2E Street team members have brand new releases. Check out a sample below. To see all nine, go to our Fall e-book Releases page. With all the great deals on e-books, you can stock up to get you through the holidays.

Tamara Ward-Silver Flashing-$3.99 at Amazon

L.C. Giroux-Skater’s Girl Lovers and Other Strangers Series (Book 6)-$3.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo

PJ Sharon-Waning Moon (Book One in The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy)- $3.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords

Fabio Bueno- Wicked Sense- $2.99 at Amazon

Don’t forget to enter our drawing for a $25 or $10 gift card to Olive Garden. Just fill out the Rafflecopter on the side bar of our BBB main page. Every effort you make to help us spread the word about our books means another time your name will be added to the raffle. For even more chances to win fabulous prizes, follow the author links on our BBB main page and “hop” to where each of us is blogging about what author, story, or character first inspired us to write. Leave a comment at each blog, sharing your favorites with us. There will be prizes awarded to random commenters. Simply follow the rules for entry at each site! I hope to see you there!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Any funny stories about family mayhem?

~~~ PJ Sharon


Thanks again, WG2E Street Team Members, for a fabulous Beach Book Blast Event!!!

Y’all rock!!!

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder

RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward Reads Short Stories When She’s Crunched for Time…How ‘Bout You?

TGIF, RG2E Peeps!

Welcome to The RG2E and/or Welcome Back!

Ever feel like your life is overwhelmingly busy? Ever wonder where the time goes?

RG2E Featured Author Tamara Ward does, and here’s the scoop…

I can’t believe it’s already November! Wasn’t August just yesterday? And, before I know it, Christmas shopping season for a long list of family and friends will be in full swing! Can’t we have another night – or two, or ten – where we get an extra hour of time savings?

When my life gets crazy, I sometimes don’t feel like I can commit myself to reading a full-length novel. I look instead for quick, fast, fun, short reads!

I’d like to treat you to one of two reads that fit that description today. Both short stories feature spunky, sharp private investigator Jade O’Reilly, who loves her combat boots, gun collection, and three older brothers – not necessarily in that order. To win one of ten short stories I’ll be giving away, simply leave a comment letting me know which short story you’d like.

The stories…

Jade O’Reilly and the Ice Queen (A Sweetwater Short)

When a priceless vase disappears during the fanciest party of the year in the fictional town of Sweetwater, NC, it’s up to private investigator Jade O’Reilly to recover the family heirloom. As Jade tracks down the vase, she juggles pressures from her ex-fiance, Dale Pickles, and hard-core co-worker Mack Blackmon.

This Sweetwater Short story is about 40 pages in length and originally was published in the WG2E All-For-Indies Winter Wonderland Anthology.

Buy Jade O’Reilly and the Ice Queen

For Kindle from Amazon, $0.99

For Nook from Barnes & Noble, $0.99

Other formats from Smashwords, $0.99

Jade O’Reilly and the Mysterious Musician (A Sweetwater Short)

Sassy private investigator Jade O’Reilly solves her own problems. She doesn’t cry when her Jeep is crudely vandalized. When news of Jade joining her ex-fiancé at a bar following her date with another man hits the small-town gossip circuit in Sweetwater, NC, she doesn’t whine to her co-workers. And when one of those co-workers suggests she trade in her combat boots for stilettos, Jade doesn’t demurely give in. She takes care of business. That business includes getting to the bottom of an investigation into a mysterious young bass player who sounds too good to be true. Will Jade be able to close the case, or will she finally have to admit defeat?

This Sweetwater Short story is about 50 pages in length.

Buy Jade O’Reilly and the Mysterious Musician

For Kindle from Amazon, $0.99

For Nook from Barnes & Noble

In various digital formats from Smashwords

About Tamara:

Amazon Bestselling Mystery Author Tamara Ward’s storylines and characters combine for fun, fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down reads. Her published mystery novels include Private DeceptionStorm Surge, and Silver Flashing. In her mysteries, you’ll find characters who keep readers hooked, strong-willed women sleuths, and a sprinkling of humor.

Connect with Tamara here:

Blog: http://www.authortamaraward.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorTamaraWard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorTWard

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/tamaraward


Terrific short story scoop, Tamara! I have both of your stories and am looking forward to reading them!!!  And I’m with you, nothin’ beats a quick read when you’ve got just a few minutes here and there to enjoy some quality reading time!!!

Thanks for the Ebook Gifts too, my friend!!! 🙂

The Best of RG2E Ereading Wishes — D. D. Scott, RG2E Founder